Ecuador Backpack

Ecuador FlagBackpacking in the Andes Mountains of South America and evangelism on a Pacific Ocean beach will give you the unique opportunity to see God’s beautiful creation while serving the people of Ecuador.  


Teen Missions Trip (ages 13-19)

Travel: After your training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you bus to the Orlando International Airport and board a flight across the Straits of Florida, Cuba and the Caribbean Sea to Bogota, Colombia. A short connecting flight takes you to Quito, the capital of Ecuador. From the airport you bus to the Teen Missions in Ecuador Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center in the  small village of Cundalo, near Latacunga

Ministry: After adjusting to the altitude, you will travel to the base camp of Cotopaxi and witness to hikers during the day. Enjoy the breathtaking view of four volcanoes, including Mount Cotopaxi, the world’s highest volcano. After spending a week on the trails, you will bus from the mountain tops to Guayaquil.  From here, you will make your way to Playas, located five miles from the Pacific Ocean. This will be the new location of the BMW. Clearing land for the first building and digging the foundation are some of the projects to be worked on.  In your free time, you will enjoy swimming at the beautiful sandy beaches nearby.  Warning: This team is not for the faint of heart. Members should be in good physical health and free of respiratory difficulties.

Adventure: You will have the opportunity at El Mitad del Mundo, to stand across the Equator with one foot in the Northern Hemisphere and one in the Southern! Here you will be able to shop for alpaca wool clothing and blankets, jewelry, dolls, leather goods and paintings. 

Dates: June 18 – August 13

Estimated Project Expense: $3090 plus $30 Registration Fee


(Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.) Return to 2016 Mission Trips List



  1. Is there an address for the Ecuador team yet? Also, we are wondering where the team is today. The commissioning service was last night, but we see that the flight doesn’t leave until Tuesday. Where do they go in the meantime?

  2. Is there an address I can write to my teen in Ecuador? I only have an address for boot camp.

  3. Will there be a parent Facebook page for the trip? Or will TMI post individual updates? How do I get signed up to get those?

    • Jenny, We have no input or control in the individual team FB sites. The leaders will be sending reports twice weekly and those will be posted on our website.

  4. I was wondering when should one start raising money for next years trip and how soon can you sign up for this trip in 2017?/thank you

  5. When will 2017 trips will be up I want to raise money over the summer? Just let me know. Thanks

    • Lacy, The trips should be up late June or early July.

      • Hi Mrs. Kostner, I’m sorry to bother you! Before I ask my question, I’ll tell you a little bit of my calling, so that you understand the reason of my calling. I’m a PK, I’ve been a Christian all my life ( since I was 3 ) and this past Dec. I attended the Follow conference in Indianapolis. While their I felt God calling me to the mission field, and since then my fire and passion to follow God’s call on my life has just been growing and growing! I know He wants me to go on a missions trip with Teen Missions International, specifically one to Africa, but I don’t have the funds to do so this year. I was wondering if you know if there will be any trips to Africa for 2017, and if so when could I sign up and start raising funds??? Thank you so much, and God bless you!
        – Kyle

        • Kyle, We will definitely have more trips to Africa next summer and you can start registering after the teams are posted this summer. However, we will not process the registrations until mid-late September as we are all on teams and then have deputation time. However, the Lord may be calling you to go THIS summer. We provide prayer cards and letters for you to send out to help you raise your support. If they Lord wants you to go, He can provide, even in a very short amount of time.

          • Hi Mrs. Kostner, Happy Easter! Thank you for getting back with me, I really appreciate it! That’s awesome, I mean, I really feel as though the Lord is calling me this year, but, my parents wanted me to bring something to your attention, before I make a decision. I am going on a missions trip this summer with Kingswood University from August 21-30th, however, I already have all the funds necessary for that trip! So I don’t know… I would love to go to this year, and, God has given me a specific burden for the people in Africa! Would you pray for God’s guidance as to whether or not it is His will that I go this year? I really want to go and help show the love of Christ!

          • Kyle, Of course I will pray! You would be back in time to go on your second trip. How old are you?

          • It wouldn’t let me reply to your last message, so I replied to this one again. Thank you very much! I’m 16 years old, I’ll be 17 in September…

          • Kyle, You are more than welcome to join us this summer. There is still plenty of time to raise your support.

          • I’m 16 years old and I’ll be 17 in September.

          • Mrs. Kostner, sorry I haven’t replied. I would absolutely love to join you this summer, I’m fully convinced that God wants me to go This summer and I really feel God calling me to Africa! But my parents want to take some more time to pray about it….. Dad said that he may like to talk with you on the phone, if that would be okay???
            – Kyle

          • Kyle, Yes, he may call the office and ask for US Teams. He will probably talk with Paul.

  6. When will we get the packets with the extended information about the trip.

  7. Are there any more spots available for girls?

  8. A friend and I were wondering how many more spots were available for girls on this trip?

  9. I am interested in this trip but the amount we have to pay will it be paid in one payment or over the course of 6 months in multiple payments.

    • Jessenia, We have “goals” for your payments. However, the complete payment is due the day you arrive at Boot Camp. We will call you before doing the final booking of the airline tickets. If you need to switch to a cheaper team at that point, then that is the time to do it.

  10. Are there any spots left for girls? I really feel the Lord is calling me to this team

  11. Any spots left and sorry for asking this again but any ways to raise money?

    • Lacey, There are a few spots. We supply prayer cards and letters to help you raise your support. You can also do garage sales, car washes, etc.

  12. Are there any spots open for girls on this trip?

  13. I wish I could.go again, but I’m too old now. I went to Teen missions as a pre teen in 2002 ( I was the only Canadian kid) and I spent my 11th birthday in Ecuador. That was a great experience but hard work. I still remember getting up early to travel up the mountains with our shovels to dig a ditch to lay a pipe for them to have water. Good times!

  14. Are there any spots left for girls on this team? Thank you!

  15. Are there still spots available for this trip? And If we sign up for the trip, is that a definite commitment or are we able to reserve our spot and drop out if needed?

    • Hannah, It is filling quickly, but right now, there are spots. Yes, you may drop out, but once the tickets have been bought (in the spring), you would be responsible for that costs should you not go. We do call you before final ticketing.

  16. I am interested in the trip, but I want to pray about it first. Approximately how long will the trip remain open to guys?

    • Noah, This team is filling quickly. We may get five registrations in one day and then again, we may not get any registrations for a week. I have no way to knowing.

  17. I am registered for this trip, approximately when will we be getting our packages?

  18. Is there still two spots left on this trip?

  19. How many people are registered for this trip. What is the weather like at the time of year that we will be in Ecuador?

  20. Would the current vocano eruptions effect this team in any way? If so do you know how?

  21. Can teens get grants for this? I need to know so I know how much to raise up. Do you guarantee safety for the people that take the trip?

    • Lacey, We do not have grants. Most of the team members/leaders raise their support. We cannot guarantee safety (no one can), but we do have a lot of policies in place to insure their safety as much as we are able to do.

  22. I was woundering if their was still a spot available for this for this trip?

  23. Please give me directions to the base in Ecuador. A map or directions from Lataguna. I miss missionary or king n Ecuador for many years and would like to send one youth but would like to visit first. Sara Risser

  24. On the main teen mission trip 2016 page, it says SBC starts June 18. On this page, it says boot camp will start June 22. I was simply wondering which date is correct. Thanks 🙂

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