A Cambodia Team Update!

DSC00878Hello Everyone,

The last several days in Cambodia have gone quickly. We lift up Annie Russum in prayer, as she will be staying in Siem Reap after we leave. It will be hard for the team members to say goodbye, as they’ve all grown so close. Friday, Annie and Amy Wilson will take a bus up to the northern base and the rest of the team will be taking a van to Phnom Phenn. 

We have multiple locations still to visit near the southern base, including two local churches. The ministry has been a true blessing to both the team and the nationals. Please pray for the safety of the team as they go out on the motorcycles. The rain storms are almost daily now. Usually it will force the team to stop on the side of the road if it’s too difficult to ride.
Saturday the team did two presentations, and saw around 30 children answer the invitation. The work on base has been continued with projects preparing for Boot Camp: building covers for the squaty potties, clearing out paths, etc. We pray the people are being impacted by the Lord through this work. May we continue being His hands and feet wherever we go!
“Being on this trip has truly been life changing. The Bible studies have taught me things I’ve never thought of before. Hearing everyone’s testimonies helped me realize I’m not alone in this fight of different struggles. I’m actually excited to read my Bible. I’ve learned to appreciate things back home so much more. Now that I’ve had time away from distractions, I can much better connect with God. I feel I can hear His calling for me, and I really don’t ever want to ever be a “sleeping Christian” again. I don’t want my faith to be hidden, but instead I want everyone to know I’m a Christian. Honestly, I’ve seen the power of God on this trip. My dad has been the one to teach me a lot of things, but now I’m ready to use that knowledge. My candle is lit, and I won’t let it go out.” – Michael HunterDSC00841 DSC00712

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