The Zimbabwe Team Made It Through Boot Camp!

30 ZimbabweCTeam Zimbabwe made it through Boot Camp!!!!!!

We really had a great time together as a team the last few days.  We had KP twice, won the pig award for the third time and then much to our surprise WON the pool on July 10.  The entire team was so excited.  


On the 11th we took down our tent site, we discovered that none of us like the big spiders.  It became a screaming contest.  We give the award to Jenny B.  for the loudest scream.  We were able to get our tents down and turned in by lunch.  In the afternoon the entire team enjoyed the pool.  
After the excitement of the Commissioning service, we enjoyed a time of goodies, which included COLD drinks.  Parents & grandparents of Brandon, Hannah & Sarah joined us. 
We were very blessed by the “mommy and daddy Commissioning treat boxes” and by the goodies of the  families of those who attended. 
The 12th we helped take down Big Top one and two with other teams.  Boot Camp looks foreign to us now—-no Big Tops—we are sleeping in air-conditioned rooms, taking showers and drinking cokes at meals.  
We plan to pack out, do laundry —in machines—-and get ready for the journey tomorrow.  
We are so blessed.  
The team looks forward to all that is ahead of us.
Brandon, Charles, Jonathan, Gray, Maddie, Madsion, Moriah, Jennie, Elizabeth, Alexis, Leslie, Emileigh, Hannah, Abby, Sadie, Eliza, Sarah and Mr. & Mrs. Maher are ready for all God wants to do in and through us this summer.
Thank you parents for your faithful prayers!!!


  1. Havent heard if they have arrived yet or what? Praying for all of them.GOD is GOOD!

  2. Thanks for keeping us posted. Praying for safe travels.

  3. Marilyn Temple Valkema

    Hi Zimbabwe team. I am praying for you as you fly today and for safety in all your travels. So thankful that you had a chance to relax and catch up a bit after boot camp. Lots of love to you all. I am praying constantly for you. May Jesus Christ work mightily in and through you in the coming weeks!
    Love from Emileigh’s mom

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