A Day In The Life Of An Ecuador Team Member

DSCN0564A Day In The Life of the Ecuador Team.
6:00 am- Wake Up and Get Ready- This, I would guess, is the team’s least favorite time of the day. Eden can be found crawling out of bed last minute in the morning, but James, Jonah, Hope, Zuzu and Tim can be found huddled in the kitchen as soon as it opens. Dana is usually first in line at the “lost and found” to pick up the things she left behind the night before. 
6:30-7:30 am- Bible Marking- the kids go through a specific study each day, finding and marking relevant Bible verses so they can study them and quickly find them in the future. 
7:30 am- Breakfast- this meal is usually a struggle because the oven decides not to work well or the pancake batter takes a full two hours to go through for such a large team! Somehow, the Lord keeps us on time. 
8:00 am- Devotions- This is the teams quiet time with the Lord to pray, read their Bibles, and just reflect on what the Lord is doing here and in their lives. 
8:30 am- Library reading- Here the team members have the opportunity to read about missionaries who have gone before them. 
9:00 am- Begin Work- The team gets to work a little later than we would like, but we originally made it this way because it was not safe to be on the roof before then due to moisture. Although they are done with most of the painting, they will be returning to the roofs this week to do some touch ups and to replace some tiles that were damaged. Since we have so many team members, we are able to spare a few to go to town when needed. Today, the lucky few are Zac, Casey, and Megan. 
12:00pm- Lunch- Margaret is usually first to poke her head in the door to ask “what’s for lunch?” to which we say, “food.”
1:00 pm -Begin Work Again- On top of painting, the team will also be setting Jacob’s ladder in concrete this week. They are also going to be setting up tents for the Ecuadorian team members that are coming next week and doing whatever else needs to be done for Boot Camp set up.
5:00 pm- End Work- Ahh, some relief from a hard day’s work. The kids clean up and get ready for dinner, and Megan comes into check if the dessert has chocolate in it, (her worst nemesis) 
5:30 pm- Dinner- Time to stuff their faces for the last time that day! Ellie is usually here early to take a peak of dinner, and Dane makes sure to make an appearance to tease the leaders. 
6:00 Free Time/Laundry/Bathing/Special Blessings (SBs) Those with SBs go and serve for an extra hour… there are about 15 SBs today… but I won’t share names. 😉 On a regular day, you can find Seth, Justin and Ethan playing the guitar and drum, practicing new songs. 
7:30 pm- GG’s- GG’s stands for “God’s Gentlemen” and “Grubby to Grace” (although our girls prefer “God’s Girl’s”. This is a time for guys and gals to learn about what it means to be a godly form of their gender. We talk about being secure in Christ, being pure in motives, actions, and thoughts, what God says about relationships and what it means to be a man or woman after God’s heart. It’s a great time for discussion and Hannah Morgan usually has a lot of great input.
8:15 pm- Group Devotions- Here each team member and leader is given a night to share their testimony, what God is doing in their life or a Bible study. Tonight we will hear from Angelica. We also take time to pray as a team about the things going on in the world, our team and other teams, our lives at home, and more. We also have what is called “Secret Prayer Partner” where each person has someone they pray for all summer and then it is revealed at the end. Each person is encouraged to write letters to their partner to encourage them and these letters are delivered after our group devotions.  
9:15 pm- In Your Rooms- After Devotions, there is always a little bit of extra time, and while Riley and Hannah Chapman love getting to bed early, Chris, Kearen, and Cody can be found outside until the last minute trying to capture pictures of the stars. 
9:30 pm- Bedtime!- This is the leaders favorite time of day. 🙂


  1. I am so glad you guys are having a great time!!!!!!!!!! My son Justin is with you guys,, and cant begin to tell you how proud I am of him.. I cant wait to pick him up on that Saturday night and hear all about it god bless you all

  2. Thank you for the update we are looking forward to see all that God has done through this team and their leaders. Thanks again.

  3. I loved this. I don’t know anyone on this team but it sounded interesting so i clicked it open……I’m a FTM btw….I think all the teams should have at least one post like this so people get a feel of all what goes on in a “typical” day….I know they are not typical. LOL. Good job on this post and have a safe mission.

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