An Update From Switzerland

Switzerland 7:2 #5Detail work (especially sanding the detailed areas) slows us. If an area is skipped over or poorly sanded, it has to be re-done and paint cannot be applied near it until it is. Dust would get onto the wet paint and have to be sanded off. The kids continue to work at getting the project finished and they are learning the importance of paying close attention to details.
Since last Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, weather has, again, been very nice. This morning was cloudy, and this afternoon is mostly cloudy, but that helps keep the heat down, so it is alright.
The outstanding experience for this report was our trip to the top of the Neiderhwrn. It was a beautiful, clear day, so vistas were spectacular! To get there, we took a bus, then walked a while to the boat dock, then took a boat. After that, a short walk took us to the tram/gondola to the top. When we arrived back, supper was provided by YWAM – pizza, salad, Coke, and ice cream cones! It really was a memorable day!
Aiden Verduyn writes: “God has taught me a lot of things. The biggest thing is He is always there for me. 
Isaac Beals writes: “I’m learning what it really means to trust in God. We have a lot of work to do in so little time. But I believe we can do it through Christ which strengtheneth me.”
Nathan Campbell writes: “It was really great when we went to the Neiderhwrn this past Saturday. We had a great view of God’s creation. We have also had a great time swimming in Lake Thun on Sunday. We are finishing the building that we have been painting just one or two coats before we’re finished. Then we’ll have to put the shutters back on. I can’t wait for this final week of work and Lord willing, to finish the project early.”

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