Ireland Is About Ready To Go To The Airport!

IMG_1434It’s been a busy week for the Northern Ireland team! I am happy to report that as of 5 pm (Sunday evening) we have all the duffels and backpacks ready to load up on the bus on Monday morning after breakfast.  Our flight is scheduled about 4:30 on Monday evening so we’ll spend a good part of the afternoon in the airport. 
Thursday was our last day of classes. This week we had personal evangelism for several hours in the morning followed by our one work class (this week it was carpentry and trusses), then free time, bath/laundry hour, and last hour of the day was drama.  Our team continued to perform well in drama so the teacher added an extra drama for us to take.  
Friday was the first day for beginning the process of getting ready for pack-out!  Teams were busy cleaning up their tent sites and donating unwanted items to the Missionary Barrel. Saturday was a continuation of that. We had KP, but  after taking down the tent site, our team was able to have a little rest and relaxation time at the lake.  They had a few hours of fun playing in the water and swinging on the carousel before doing supper KP and getting ready for the Commissioning Service.  (They do a great job on KP, by the way!)  Saturday night was an exciting time! The rally opened with the usual fun ‘stuff’, music, and of course, Miss Piggy.  We went out in great style…winning the ‘cleanliness’ award!  We were amazed that we did, as the day was crazy between going back and forth to the campsite, KP, etc.  
The candle lighting service is always an exciting time during the Commissioning Service and started just after it got dark Saturday night. Every team member and leader is given a candle signifying they will accept the call to go to their mission field.  All the lights are turned off in the Big Top and then one person lights a candle…it’s amazing how much light one candle gives off!  It’s a great object lesson to show how one person sharing Christ can make a difference in the darkness.  All of the team members/leaders lit their candles and the tent was filled with light!  
Nine teams actually left Saturday night for their fields. Following the service, we were able to have a pizza party and eat the yummy food that parents brought and sent to us. We are blessed with great team members AND parents. 🙂  After the party, a lot of teams were assigned to take the chairs out of the Big Top and many hands had it done quickly!  This morning along with KP again, our job assignment was to take down Big Top 1 and this afternoon we packed out. So, we’re tired!  But excited to be leaving for Northern Ireland.  It’s hard to believe it’s tomorrow! 
Please pray as we travel for safety and easy flight transitions! And pray for good health for our team, so we can be effective when we get to Northern Ireland.  We will let you know when we arrive there as soon as we get access to internet!  
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