Report From Ecuador From 7/11

DSCN0558I apologize for not getting this up sooner. They sent a report today which will be posted soon and indicated they had sent one previously that I neglected to post.

We are home! 


Our trip to Mt. Chimborazo was a blessing. We prayed for good weather, and for the most part, it was good; we actually had moments of being hot if we walked around enough. That’s not to say we didn’t struggle! The wind blew our tents around all night and we woke up with frost and icicles…inside our tents as well as outside. Most people wore 2-4 layers and some even wore the winter coats they bought before the trip. 
We stayed in tents, but there was a refuge building that we were able to cook in at certain times of the day, go to bathroom, and have evening devotions. Those that were sick were able to stay there to be in something a bit warmer as long as there weren’t a lot of other people there and the refuge sold tea and hot chocolate to keep us going. 
The team was able to go hiking three days, each day getting a bit harder. Most of the team went the first day, a little less went the second and only seven team members, a leader, and BMW student, Pablo, went on the third day. It was a stretch of faith for those who went hiking to believe on God for their safety and health. The air was very thin there and you could be out of breath walking from the tents to the bathroom, so I commend those that were able to go. 
Even though there were some people who couldn’t go hiking, it was actually a good thing. God allowed our team members and leaders to speak to people from Columbia, Ecuador, Spain, Ukraine, Switzerland, USA, Germany, and more. No one was saved, but we were able to challenge many who claimed to be Christian, but didn’t know much about it. 
We came home last night instead of this morning because we wanted to get the sick ones out of the rough conditions. I think they were ok with that after shivering for three days. Today the kids are resting and catching up with classes which we weren’t able to do while we were gone.
The team will have church tomorrow and an Ecuadorian meal prepared by the staff and students here. Monday they will begin their last week of work before we start packing up and heading home! What a quick summer this has been!
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Continue praying for us!


  1. Jennifer Phelps

    Praying that everyone is back to full strength now. It sounds like quite an arduous adventure but our Heavenly Father brought them through it. Praying that the team will finish strong.

  2. Praise God for all of you, what a blessing. Hope and pray everyone gets well and strengthen. Be praying for last week ,and safety returning home. Pray you all be a bold witness for His truth and that The Lord will put a fire in you to spread the Good News

  3. So thankful to hear that the trip was successful and everyone was safe! Thank you for posting these updates, can’t believe the summer is almost over! We continue to pray for you all!!

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