The Bangladesh Team Doesn’t Want To Leave!

IMG_0320Greetings from Bangladesh! 
Things are happening here and we praise the Lord for the work that He has been doing through us. We have had a very busy week and we want to share with you all that has been happening around here. 
Saturday we attended a youth conference here in Bangladesh with between 150-180 other youth were also attending. The theme of the conference was Responsibility. There were several speakers and we played games and sang songs and there was even a time for open mike and our team was able to do a  presentation and teach the people how to perform the motions for the songs Rock Sword Shield and River of Life. 
It was a long day but we had a great time. 
On Sunday we went to “Old Dhaka” where the capital of Bangladesh use to be located but has now moved to the more modern part of the city. We were able to travel down a river in the middle of the city on small wooden boats, we took a ride across the city in rickshaws and we were able to go shopping at a few shops. But before that we went to Pizza Hut and enjoyed some great pizza, soda, bread sticks, chicken wings, ice cream and even for some chocolate cake! It was a great day. Another long day but well worth it. 
Today we are back to our regular schedule of digging and working at the orphanage. This morning after about an hour of leveling out a good portion of our hole we were able to start filling it in with sand and bricks. This part of the job has been a long time in coming but we can finally see the end in sight! The process of getting the right mix of sand and bricks is almost a science. There is a man here teaching us the technique to make sure we get it right. It is fun and spirits were high as we began to fill in all that we had dug out. In addition to that we some of the team went to the orphanage this morning while the teachers were in a meeting to play games and sing songs with the kids there. After the teachers were finished we were able to help clean some of the class rooms and make things a little cleaner around the school. 
Emma R – “When I was asked to write about what I have been learning and what God has been teaching me I didn’t really know what to write. Sure God has been teaching me lots, but I don’t know which one to choose to share. I wrote out a list of what He has been laying on my heart, and one stood out: Comfort. God is your comfort whenever you are hurting. God has really been showing me too come to Him with all my hurts. Especially in the Psalms, I have found so much rest during our early morning devotion time. It’s so uplifting when you are tired and worn out. Next time you’re down open to the book of Psalms and read a few chapters to see how he cares about comforting you.”
Talitha E – “I left Boot Camp with a lot of doubt about if God was really calling me to missions. Commissioning night during the candle lighting service everyone was so sure they were ready to go, but I was not. As we boarded our plane in Bangladesh, my heart was very heavy. When we arrived in Bangladesh God opened the door for me to speak to the missionary here about my doubt. He told me something I don’t think I will ever forget. He told me, “God doesn’t change His mind, we change our minds.” It was like a slap in the face when he said that and he is right. God had not changed the call He had placed on my life. It was I hat was unsure if I wanted to answer the call anymore because I was scared. Through my time here I have recalled why I love missions, why their is nothing to fear, why I still want to answer God’s call on my life and more. This is not the only thing that has happened since I came here. I have personally seen God’s hand moving here. It’s amazing to see God speaking so loudly in a place so quite about Him. I cannot wait to see what else He is going to do here, in the team and myself in the time that’s left!” 
It will be a busy last week as things are coming to a close around here. There is another team of adults from the United States who is helping at the orphanage also. Today we will get to meet them and work together at the Home of Hope. 
Please pray for us this week as many of the team members minds are set on home and having to leave all the kids at Home of Hope here. Many of the kids at Home of Hope are very sad that we are leaving as well and it will be hard on them when we have to say our last good bye. Pray that we would leave a good message of Hope as we go and that God’s light would shine through us. 
God bless, 
The team of Hope!

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