The S. Korea Team Is In Frankfurt

image1Hello everyone,

The Korea team has made it safely to Frankfurt. We are now waiting for our connecting flight to Seoul. The team is in great spirits but we have had a long journey traveling. After Commissioning we had our post Commissioning party in the Teen Mission’s bus barn while we waited for our midnight departure for the airport. We arrived at the airport at 1am and settled in for a long wait for our 8 pm departure for Frankfurt. We were blessed to have a team member’s parent pay for a hotel room at the airport. Every team member had the opportunity to shower and clean up before we left. The joy of a clean shower could be read on everyone’s faces.  

Thank you for your prayers as we travel. 


  1. Abby te
    amamos espero que Este tiempo sea de maravillosa bendicion para ti y lo que están en tus alrededores. Aprende mucho. We hope the whole team recoups quickly from the long journey and impart the Father’s love to those you come into contact with.
    Mami y Papi

  2. Bob and Elaine Dobrenski

    Nice looking team. So nice to see Gillian( our Grand daughter) Our pray is that your team have a safe and enjoyable trip and God blesses you as your serve in Korea..

  3. I want to second that thank you for the kids to get a shower! It is so nice to see them all looking clean and healthy. And yes, what a blessing that the leaders were willing to loan out phones–it was so good to hear our girl’s voice and that she is in good spirits!

  4. Praying for your safety and blessings all along the way of your LONG trip to South Korea. So thrilled to be able to finally see my granddaughter, Gillian.

  5. Roger and Susan Bohot

    Thank you to the parent who provided the hotel/shower for the team! I had no idea we were allowed to do that or I would have gladly provided a second room! What a blessing to the team. Thank you! I would like to share a testimony with the other parents. Saturday morning the nurse called to tell me that my son, Aaron, had an ear infection and that his ear drum had ruptured. Thank you to the leader who took him to the doctor. When Aaron called from the airport on Sunday, thank you again to the leader for allowing Aaron to uses your phone, I asked Aaron how I could pray for him. What did he need the most? Aaron did not ask for prayer for himself. He asked for prayer for the team. That response humbled me. That is a testimony to the great job that the leaders are doing. The team is thinking as “we” and not as “I”. They are putting the needs of eachother and the group before themselves and their individual needs. Be encouraged in the great job you are doing. Thank you! I trust by the smile on Aaron’s face that God has healed his ear and he is not in pain. We are praying for everyone on the team and if you get a letter from your chlld with any information you are willing to share I would like to know! Everyone in the picture looks happy and healthy and well rested! Praying for you all. Susan Bohot – Aaron’s Mom

  6. Joyce and Rodney Symes

    Hello and God’s blessings to the entire team. (Especially Aaron Bohot, our grandson) Thanks for the picture and report. W e can see God’s
    joy and eagerness in the team’s faces. We have been praying for safety and healing. Praise God for healing earaches. Praise Him in advance for a wonderful harvest of souls in SK. Lots of Love and continuing prayer, Grandma and Grandpa

  7. Kit Chatsinchai

    We are praying for all of you! Very excited for the work and blessing ahead of you.

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