The Vanuatu Team In LA

29 VanuatuCBelieve it or not, 27 hours after leaving Boot Camp, the Vanuatu team is sitting at the departure gate to leave LAX! We had a great day in Los Angeles. The Walsh family provided lunch at In ‘n Out burger while watching the planes pass overhead. They also brought a wonderful meal and spent the day with us at the airport. Thank you so much! We had a 14-hour layover in LA. Are we ever ready to continue on and get to Vanuatu! When we arrive there in about 12 hours, we will have a couple of days until our final flight to Pentecoste Island. We will be catching up on our sleep for sure. It will be nice to get finally settled. Thank you everyone for your prayers and goodies brought to Commissioning. We will be eating off it for a while!



  1. Dear Vanuatu Journaler,
    What will you do on the 1st island in Vanuatu for two days prior to your final departure to the Pentecoste island? What are sleeping/dining arrangements? Activities?
    With love,
    Beth Bowen

    • Hi Beth, I can’t answer all your questions, but thought I would invite you to join the facebook parent page if you like. Parents and Family of TMI Vanuatu 2015. I do believe they are staying at a local church while they are there. 🙂 They did two years ago when my daughter went to Vanuatu the first time.

      Amy Davis, parent of two kids on the team.

    • Beth, The team is staying in a church and sleeping on the floor. They are cooking “easy” meals there over an open fire.

      • Thank you, Beth. And I found the email address for when they return to Merritt Island.
        With much gratitude for what you do for our children,

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