And Another One From Malawi I

20150709_163427Hello once again from Malawi! The team had a blast the past two days going on our safari. On Monday morning we left early for the southern part of Malawi and arrived at one of Malawian bush camps that are on the edge of the park. The team settled into the camp with the girls in a dorm room and the guys in safari tents (with real beds and mattresses). After a wonderful meal provided by the camp, we set out for our adventure. As we entered into the beautiful untouched wilderness of Malawi, we soon began to see lots of different animals. The first hour we saw lots of small animals, but of course the team was hoping for bigger ones like elephants. However, a little over an hour into the drive we finally saw a huge male elephant. Later we got to see a family with a baby elephant. Two hours after entering the park we arrived at the watering hole and got to see crocodiles and hippos. As we drove back out through the park we enjoyed the beautiful African sunset over the Shire River. We arrived back at the bush camp where they had a wonderful dinner buffet! The lady leaders were very happy they did not have to cook and the team was excited for the all you could eat meat and in the morning, the team got to have their private devotions from a beautiful deck overlooking the mountains of the Game Reserve.
Today was a special day, because your first wave of letters came! The team was so excited to see the huge stack of mail I had in my hand. Tomorrow the day will be filled with excitement as we welcome the second Malawi team! It’s hard to believe the team is down to their last couple of days here in Malawi. I have been sending pictures with my phone and I did not take any on the safari since I was driving the truck. However, I will try to get a couple of pictures from the kids within the next couple days and send them for them to get posted.
The team will be working on projects around the Chipoka base to help get ready for our National Malawi Boot Camp that will be starting next week. The team is realizing that their time in Malawi is coming to an end. Though they are excited to get back to family and friends, every time I bring it up they all quickly give me a very sad face and say that makes them depressed. They have fallen in love with the people of Malawi. Keep praying for them to grow in their walks with the Lord. The last part of the summer is when God does great things in their lives. We don’t want them to lose sight of all that HE has for them. We as leaders want them to finish strong as a team and to run the race well. For the most part the team has been healthy. With all the traveling and dust we have had some coughs and upset tummies. But thankfully no one has been down for more than a day due to being sick. We are so thankful for all your prayers. Well, I know all of you parents can’t wait to see them soon! I will send at least one more report before they head to the airport on Sunday. Blessings from Malawi!


  1. Leslie and Loren Wiens

    Thanks again for a wonderful report! Praying for a strong finish and return. I can tell Malawi has woven its way into the hearts of the team, which is wonderful. To God be the glory.

  2. Thanks so much for the updates! Everyone looks soooo happy! Brayden and team we are so proud of you! Can’t wait to hear the stories in person! Safe travels!

  3. Everyone looks so good! Love the skirts! They loook so sharp! Have a wonderful,safe trip back to the U.S.A. Praying for all of you….

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