Haiti Team Update

11742730_10153003188873457_8514795503935583829_nThe Haiti team just left Port Au Prince for their project site.




  1. Thanks, Beth!:)

  2. Any phone call or word from Haiti?

  3. I saw the most recent posting on the 20th, I think, but now I can’t find it … Where did it go?

    • I found it! (with my daughters help 🙂 ) …. here it is ………….

      The Haiti Team Is Doing Well And Working Hard!— July 20, 201511742730_10153003188873457_8514795503935583829_n
      The leaders were able to make a short phone call out to a pastor in Haiti who has relayed the message to us . Everyone is doing well. The “initial” project list will be done by this Friday, so the team is working hard.

  4. This is awesome, the team may be out of communications. . .but God will be in constant contact. . .they are in the safest hands possible. . .

  5. Did the team arrive to their project site?

    • Crystal, This team is VERY remote. I have not heard from them, but am expecting something this weekend. The nearest town is 1 1/2 – 2 hours away. They have a phone, but I don’t think cell service is available.

    • I would have hoped to see an update by now. I pray for the teams safety.

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