The Holy Land Team Has Settle In

11742713_10153003189848457_3080678135618488950_nWe met with Jihan, the principal of Hope School, yesterday.  It is so exciting to see her passion and enthusiasm for the school and her desire to see it thrive and expand.  She explained to the team the school’s goal of seeing every child achieve academic success, even those with severe disabilities, behavioral problems, or a low income.  She also wants it to be a safe place for any child to grow and learn, whether they are Muslim or Christian.  The school’s student body is about 52% Christian and 48% Muslim.  That is a very good ratio considering Beit Jala as a whole is 97% Muslim and 3% Christian.  She spoke of how she encourages her teachers and students to love one another and be tolerant of each other’s differences, especially with regard to religion.  Her message of Christ’s love being visible and tangible to others through His followers actions and behaviors earned nods of approval from us, her captivated audience.  Jihan also spoke of how important TMI teams are to the school and the great impact they have had in helping the school reflect a positive image to the rest of the community.  Our team can walk around the property here and see 20+ years of TMI handiwork from teenagers that came before and in whose footsteps we have followed.  We have several teammates in fact who have family members that went on teams to Hope School in the 80’s and 90’s.  Looking at the big picture, what a difference our examples can make, eh??  Who knows who will travel here next as a result of your son or daughter’s journey to the Holy Land this summer.  🙂   Our time spent with Jihan was all the motivation we needed to be ready and eager to begin work today.  Bless the work of our hands Lord and use us for your glory!  
We have unpacked, washed the Boot Camp smell from our bodies and our clothes, and have adjusted to the six hour time difference between the USA and the Holy Land. Well, most of us have anyways.  It is 4AM as I write this report to you.  My son, Gabriel, is cooing away beside me, happy as a lark to be up even though he should be sleeping!!  Hopefully his little body will adjust to his new time zone soon.  As for me, there is a REALLY big cup of coffee waiting for me at the end of this night.:).


  1. I think of you often through the day-God’s blessings on you. Keep safe! I am sure much has changed since I was in Israel in 2004.

  2. Terri Smouse (Miranda's Aunt)

    Hello Israel Team and Miranda,
    I am praying for all of you as you work for the Lord! May you be blessed with unity, good spirits, love and God’s grace.
    Additional updates and pictures please! 🙂
    Aunt Terri

  3. Wow! So exciting to read how everyone is settling in. What an exciting school to be a part of. Thank you for taking the time to write up Jihan’s vision for the school and her message to the team. I’m also happy to hear you have access to coffee! A much needed resource as a team leader. :-). I cannot wipe the smile off of my face as I sit here thinking about you guys, praying for God’s hand of protection on you all as you work to serve him. I’m also praying that he will bring exactly the right people into your lives as you spend time with his chosen people. That not only will you all be a light for him, but that you will also receive blessings in abundance as you experience life in this pivotal land.

    Klystia’s mom
    Egypt Orphanage ’91 and Brazil Clown ’95

  4. It is wonderful to get these updates and have an idea of what the team is doing. I appreciate all the work that is involved in being a team leader and just want to let the leadership know that we are thankful and appreciative of the work you do leading this team. These reports do give us a better understanding of what this mission project is involved in.

    Klystia’s Grandma
    Germany 95 and 07

  5. I just want to say that it’s good to hear your reports. I hope you guys get a lot of work done and do a lot of ministering to the people there. I hope that you’re a good example to the children and hopefully some children will come to know the Lord for your example and hard work. May God get all the glory for all you do. I’m glad to hear you’re there safe and getting work done.


  6. Thanks for the updates. Great to hear God is still working at Hope School. So proud of my cousin Moriah and all the great things that have taken place since I was there in 82. (1st team – chicken coop team) Praise be to our Lord. Please keep up with the updates……

  7. Thanks for taking the time to update! I love reading these! I feels we can kinda get a picture of what my girl is experiencing! Shalom!

  8. Thank you for the update. We pray daily for the entire team! May the love of Jesus Christ shine so brightly to all that come into contact with the team.

  9. Thank you so much for the update! I am so excited to hear how you guys are doing. I am so proud of my daughter, Kaitlyn, and the whole team! How amazing it must be to be in a place where it all began for us!

  10. rich and amy fetterhoff

    Thanks for giving us such insight into the school there. We are earnestly praying with you about the impact you can have!

  11. Timothy Kennelly

    Thanks for the update. You are on our minds and in our prayers every day. Christ be with you and may every teen and all leaders and family have a powerful, profound and positive experience.

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