An Update From Malawi II

Malawi ReportGreetings from the Malawi II team!
We have arrived safely at the Teen Missions base in Chipoka, Malawi after two days of travel on three flights.  All of our bags arrived with us and all on the team are healthy (though some were motion sick but are fine now…).
The US embassy had informed our missionary that Malawi immigration was planning on beginning a visa immigration fee of $75 per person beginning before our arrival but after the prayers of many we got word that implementation of the plan is delayed until after our departure. We are very thankful for the Lord’s mercy and answered prayer.
The local staff and students had supper ready for the team when we arrived last night and the team enjoyed their first African sunset. The weather is cool and dry in the mornings and evenings.  Today we reorganized our supplies and took inventory. All of our baggage arrived with us… Thank you prayer partners! 
Tomorrow, we plan to re-load the truck for the final leg of our journey to the drilling site which should take about three hours.  The staff and students at the southern Mangochi base have already moved some equipment and supplies (including the drilling rig) to our project site. We have also enjoyed meeting some of the staff, students and kids that live here at the Chipoka base. We also finally met the Malawi I team as they finish up their last few days in Malawi before heading out for Debrief. We are grateful for all of your prayers for health and safety.  Here are a few thoughts from some of our team members:
May Wadman –  We are here! Malawi is more beautiful then I  remembered and sitting in the back of the truck watching it all go by made me fall in love with it again. We got to the base safely with all of our duffels. Tomorrow, we head to Mangochi and then we will start drilling. I can’t wait to start making memories and growing even closer to God.
Blake Wegele- Winding down after our first full day in Africa. Boot Camp already seems so far away. I can’t wait to meet and help people tomorrow. Everyone’s prayers are greatly appreciated. We’re learning more about God every day and I’m so grateful for the opportunity that been provided for me.

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