And The Cambodia Team Is On Their Way To Vietnam!

DSCF0232We’re off!

It seems like we just arrived, making it bittersweet to say goodbye to beautiful Cambodia. The team will be taking a van to Phnom Phen, where we will stay at a guest house. Then our travel continues to Saigon. Please pray for health, especially for the long days of travel. After our tour days in Vietnam, we will soon be off to Debrief and then home sweet home!

A few updates about the ministry: They continued work on clearing the road for the Obstacle Course. It’s their goal to have 100 kids come to Boot Camp one day. Currently there about 20 affirmed to come. The roads were quite difficult to travel on Wednesday, especially with the rain. One leader ended up knee high while going through a puddle of water. God has been faithful to protect us, as there have been no serious injury or crashes on the bikes. Wednesday, they also saw 60 more kids raise their hands to accept Christ into their hearts. Praise the Lord! Our prayers go out to the children and their families. What an incredible experience it’s been to see how God will work in their lives. Also, remember team member Annie Russum and intern Amy Wilson, as they will continue ministry up in Siem Reap.

The weather has been cooler, back to the high-80’s. The sun is still hot and everyone needs to drink a lot of water. Still, the clouds provide shade and random rain showers to help cool us off. There has been a stomach virus going around, so please pray for full recovery and that it would not spread. We’re blessed to be reporting to you for the last time in Cambodia!

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  1. Praising God that you are all well, and will continue prayers for good health in hopes the stomach virus doesn’t spread. How wonderful for each one of you to be able to share God with all those you have met and will continue to meet. Your courage and strength should be celebrated here on earth. God’s love is surely shining on you. Continued prayers for my precious Annie and intern Amy who are staying in Cambodia to continue sharing God’s word and his saving grace. May blessings rain down upon you all.

  2. Doug & Janeen Kingma

    We are so excited to see what God is doing in all of your lives in Cambodia. We thank Him for answering our prayers beyond our requests. May God richly bless each of you as you serve and follow Him daily.

  3. Praying daily for this team for safety, health, and strength as the meet challenges and that they rely on God for all their needs. Praying also that each team member has experienced a deeper walk with Christ as they minister to the children and their families there.

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