Four Days Left In Bangladesh

Bangladesh 7:8#2Greetings from your friends here in Bangladesh! 
Time has really flown by and in just four more days we will be on a plane heading back to the United States. Excitement and deep sadness is the emotions that we have been dealing with. We are very excited to return to you all and share our experiences with you but we are very sad to leave these kids here. They have become our close friends and siblings in Christ and we will miss their smiles, laughter and loving hearts. 
Our work projects here have been going very well! We have begun the work of filling in the parking lot with sand and broken pieces of bricks. It is encouraging to see all the hard work that we put in to digging it out and now we are starting to fill it in. We are still sorting clothes at the orphanage and any chance we get we are cleaning classrooms sweeping and doing many other clean up jobs around the orphanage and it’s school. 
Our time with the kids at the Home of Hope orphanage in the afternoons is everyone’s favorite time! There is an adult team staying at the orphanage this week and we have been working with them to do activities with the kids in the afternoon. We have played many fun games, taught them games and just talked and shared stories with the kids. We are grateful for the time that we have had with them. 
The weather here is still very hot. The fans are such a blessing and we are reminded what a blessing they are every time the power goes out. The last two days it has been constantly raining. On Tuesday afternoon there was thunder and lightning. Many of the team members commented that they had never heard thunder so loud before. When the lightning would flash all the kids at the orphanage would cover their ears and close their eyes and wait for the thunder to pass. We had no power yesterday from about 9AM till about 5:45PM. Again, we are reminded of all the blessings that electricity brings. The rain has stopped for now which is nice because we can be out side and continue working on the parking lot but the rain does help to cool things down a little.
Please continue to pray for us as we start to pack up and get things cleaned and ready to head out. As we have to say our good byes please pray that we would all be able to push through and encourage one another. Thank you and God bless you all. We will see you soon! 

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