Just Four More Days For The Australia Team

IMG_4605G’day, mate! Well, here we are just four days away from the end of our time here in Australia, and no one can believe the end is almost upon us. This week has been filled with a mixture of work AND play (see, it is possible!). Monday and Tuesday were spent working on our project here at the base. Tuesday the Preteen team arrived safely, praise the Lord! They have been settling in and adjusting to the cold weather. Speaking of weather, a cold front has moved through this week and it has been a bit chilly. Monday morning the team woke up to 0 degrees C! Once the sun comes up, it warms up nice and quick for us. Even though it has been cold, aside from a few sniffles here and there, the team is very healthy!

Wednesday we got to spend our day sightseeing! The team left at 8:00AM for the Australia Zoo! We spent the first part of our day there walking around and enjoying Gods beautiful creation. After the zoo, the team was taken to do souvenir shopping. We got to go to some really cool shops like Opals Down Under, Skins and Things, and Aussie World! There, they had opportunities to purchase authentic Australian gifts and souvenirs like digeridoos, “Guaranteed to fly” boomerangs, and kangaroo and sheep skin boots and slippers. Everyone enjoyed their time.

Today the team will work for half of the day, and then (Lord willing) we will have the opportunity to go evangelizing in the afternoon on a popular shopping strip in town. Please pray that we will see souls saved through the work of the team members. Friday and some of Saturday will be finishing up some projects here on the base. Saturday morning we will have another opportunity to go shopping at a local market. Sunday the team will attend a church service (location TBD) and then spend the rest of the day packing



  1. It’s hard believe that your mission trip is almost over! Thank you so much for
    all the pictures and updates. They have meant the world to all of us here at home!!! We will continue to pray that the Lord
    bless and protect all of you as you make your way back to Florida. Thanks again!

  2. Thank you so much for these updates. They mean A LOT, especially since I have so little contact with my daughter. May all of you be blessed and a blessing during your last days in Australia!

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