The Australia Preteen Team Is Settling In

15070 Update Picture #1We’ve arrived safely at the Teen Missions Australia Base in Tewantin, Queensland, and we’re slowly working through our jet-lag. Lucas got stopped in security after he forgot to empty his water bottle. During our layover in Los Angeles, Caleb, Sam O, and Abraham’s parents were able to visit and bring us all In-and-Out Burgers for dinner. Lorelai celebrated her birthday in the airport and was very glad her birthday was not one day later, as we skipped most of it due to time changes.

The fourteen-hour plane flight and thirteen hour time-change was long and tiring but we all arrived with all of our duffels. Abraham especially struggled with staying up much later than usual last night. The cold temperatures at night are a drastic change from the 90˚F in Merritt Island and even our Alaskans, Ellysia and Gracie, are struggling with the temperature change and are all bundled up in the jackets they brought from home. We’re hoping the work days will warm them up a little over time.

Spicer was ecstatic at seeing his sister, Nellie, who is a BMW student here in Australia and she was equally excited to see him. We’ve slowly been meeting the rest of the BMW students but the ones we have met thought Chloe’s brightly coloured shoelaces were fantastic. We’re seeing them eat more than they ever did at Boot Camp, coming back for seconds and even thirds at meals as we slowly learn what they like and don’t like in food. Kaley and Lucas love their cinnamon rolls on cold Australian mornings. Sammy C broke his glasses but has an extra pair of prescription goggles to wear the rest of the trip and Semaj will celebrate his birthday tomorrow with surprise Kangaroo Stew for lunch, prepared by the two men who donated the property here to Teen Missions.

Maddy: “It’s great cause its cold and there’s a lot of kangaroos and it’s cool to see the kangaroos.”

Kaley: “Coming here was amazing because of the cold… I get to see lots of kangaroos… and the food’s really good.”



  1. Jean heejung cooper

    Kaley jinju, my baby^^, did u got my snack box , which was sent from korea? Did u share with all u r friend?

  2. Joyce Moseley Bubar

    Happy Birthday, Semaj!

  3. Glad to hear you made it safe Maddy Grace, we are all proud of you. I love you!

  4. Thanks for the update! Sounds like everyone had a good trip. Hope everyone has a great experience and tell them we are praying for them. Tell Maddy to stay warm and to bring one of those kangaroos home with her. Love, Maddy’s Ninna

  5. So excited to see an update! Thank you to the families that fed our kiddos In and Out! Praying for the whole team. Can’t wait to see what God has in store!

  6. Love the update! Praying for this team as they settle in and get to work. Much love! –Gracie’s Mom

  7. We love you Maddy and miss you I know you like the cold!

  8. Happy Birthday Semaj! Your whole family miss you!!! I’m so glad the travel went well. Take lots of pictures! Love, Mom
    And to the entire Australia team…keep up the good work God is doing in you and with you. Can’t wait to hear all the stories!

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