The Ecuador Team Is Almost Finished On Their Work Project

05 EcuadorThe team is having the hardest week of work so far! TMI Ecuador is getting ready for Boot Camp, so the team has been busy putting up tents and digging trenches to go around them. Today they will be putting up more tents and then putting tarps up too. They have also dug holes to set the Jacob’s Ladder poles in. That means the team also had to carry sand and rocks up the hill to make the concrete. I would like to say that we have some really strong girls! (and guys too, of course : ) ) Now they are gathering water to fill the Obstacle Courses. (Can you imagine being an Ecuadorian team member falling in on your first day? Brrr!). The team will also continue painting the roof once it stops drizzling. 
The team will probably end work on Saturday with a half day. After that, it’s time to do any laundry they have left, start packing and bathe!
The team will be leaving on Monday morning to visit Quito for the day. They will be doing some last minute souvenir shopping, visiting the Equator, and hopefully doing one other sightseeing event, (Us leaders are praying for hot springs!) 
Monday night we will be sleeping at a guest house and on Tuesday morning we will head off to the airport! Not too much longer until your babies are back by your side!
(No pictures, I have been trying for a half hour but the internet is just slow today)


  1. Woo Hoo! Way to go Team Ecuador!! Can’t wait to hear all about the trip! We’ll be praying for safety finishing project and traveling. I’m not sure if the leader’s read this, but we want to send our HANNAH a great big shout out: HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY!! Can’t wait to celebrate when you get home!

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