The End Is In Sight For The Switzerland Team

Switzerland 7:2#3Work progress is starting to really LOOK like progress. Up until this week, a great deal of what was being done was preparation of the surfaces – and it can be challenging to see the progress in that. BUT…starting this week – all preparation is complete and all are painting now and we are actually feeling like we just might get it all accomplished before we leave. THAT is a great and encouraging feeling.
Weather continues to be wonderful for the work we are doing – but not so good for the area. Hot, sunny and low humidity is great for the paint for drying and all – but the gardens here at YWAM and the rest of the area really need rain. The team has begun to pray that when we leave, God will bless them with the rain they need. Meanwhile, just today we were told it is supposed to stay this way (hot, dry, sunny) until next week, Wednesday.
The outstanding experience since last report was on Monday night. A fellow from Canada, Nathan (sorry, don’t know his last name), who is a tent maker missionary teaching and administering English language courses at a university there, came to our evening team devotion and shared with the team. He didn’t share so much about his specific work, but generally on how God led him into mission work and the importance of being obedient to God’s leading and staying close to Him when they go home. I do think everyone was encouraged by Nathan. He, his wife, and their two boys came here for a bit of a vacation. His wife is in language study somewhere nearby.
Micah Winget writes: “Switzerland has been awesome. We are finally painting so I’m covered with paint from head to toe. We got to climb the Neiderhwrn which was fun.   P.S. Hi Mom and Dad.”
Seamus Thompson writes: “Dear friends and family, As we beginm to finish up our project I’m beginning to be anxious about going home and tend not to be as concentrated on the projkect as I shoudl be, because the moments that we spend here are the moments that define a lifetime, and I don’t want to spend them wanting the future instead of soaking up and learning to enjoy the present that God has for us. Please continue to keep us, our project and the missionaries here in Switzerland in your prayers. Your’s Sincerely, Seamus Thompson”
Nathaniel Bay writes: “Loving the painting. God to paint a bunch of shutters green. God has shown me many things, things that normally I ignore. Hi mom!”
Elisabeth Parsons writes: “I’m really happy that we’re no longer sanding but actually painting! It’s my favorite job and it’s going well. Lord willing we’ll be done tomorrow or the day after and I’m really excited to see how the house looks. Everyone’s working hard and I praise God for what He’s doing and has done!”
That’s all for now – will update again on Monday.  

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