The Forest Angels Team Is On The Road

2014-10-25 21.06.14Greetings from the Forest Angels Team!

Today is the day we head off to the Ocala National Forest. We are all very excited. Pray that we will have many opportunities to talk to people about God.  
Now about these past couple of days:  From Boot Camp until now, we have been practicing our presentations and riding the mini-bikes. The whole team loves riding the bikes. We are going to be singing some songs, doing puppets and a couple of skits—one is called “The Chair Skit” and Thai, Isaac, Jude and Diego are in it. The skit is about how you can’t serve two masters. We are doing another skit with Roslyn, Diego, Jude, Thai, Isaac and Ellias. We will also be doing the colors of the Wordless Bracelet or book but through people doing the different colors. Jayden is green, Drew is black, Nick is red, Nathan is white, Ally is gold and Jayden is green. Pray that they can do this good. 
On Tuesday the last of the teams left for their project sites, so that left us and a bunch of volunteers and the few remainding staff on property. The volunteers cooked for all of us, so I (Amanda) didn’t have to cook. Everyone has enjoyed having the “Ohio group” here.
Everyone is doing good on the memory verses that they have to do for the summer. At first, there was a few having trouble but they are doing lot better. Jordyn, our one former team member, has said all 19 verses, so she is encouraging everyone else.
The other day we were able to go on the carousel at the lake, everyone had a blast swinging on the ropes.
Hi, I’m going to Ocala. I’m excited to tell people about God.  Ellias K.

Hi, As of now we are packing up to go to Ocala. We are hopefully leaving in one hour and a half. I’m extremely excited to share the gospel with people. I can’t wait!!!  Austin R. 🙂

I’m fine. bye, love u!!  Ally R.

Hi,My name is Nick I’m on the Forest Angels team. We are going to Ocala, Florida for four days. I’m excited to go. We are going to go evangelism. Nick M.

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