The Honduras Team Is On The Move!

11737810_10153003189858457_7473652097246887982_nTeam Honduras is on the move!  We have spent two nights at the Honduras TMI base.  Chico and Kathy were very gracious in allowing us to use their extra kitchen and sleep in bunks that have matresses.  They fed us an authentic Honduran dinner of rice, beans and corn tortillas.  The kids enjoyed it very much.  Ms. Sawyer and Ms. Beth got a lesson in how to make corn tortillas from Kathy so we can make them in the field. We gathered up all our kitchen pots and pans and switched over to our backpacks. 

We have also met up with Ramiro, our fourth leader.  He lives at the TMI Honduras base and he is our guide into all the places we will be going.  The teens get along well with him and he is outgoing and inteactive with the team. We are excited that he has finally been able to join our team.

Our tentative schedule should look something like this… from 16 July to 28 July we will be at Santa Maria.  They have about a weeks worth of construction work for us to do and we will also get in some short hikes to villages to share the Gospel.  From 29 July to 31 July we will be in Agua Caliente and then from 1 Aug to 4 Aug we will be in Monte Verde.  Our last two destinations will be hiking to villages and using the dramas, songs and handing out tracts and Good News coins to share Jesus with the people.  The 5th of August we will return to the TMI base in Honduras and do some sightseeing.  The team is very excited to get to Santa Maria.  We are traveling in a yellow Blue Bird school bus with all our bags and equipment in the back. We are traveling into the mountains and deffinately gaining altitude.  The mountains are lush, green and covered with trees.  They are a spectacular picture of God’s wonderful creation.  

While we were at the TMI base, the team washed, in buckets, a bunch of baby clothing we brought over and hung them up to dry.  They also use firewood at the base in a brick oven so the team gathered up a big pile for them to use.  We have started our Bible marking and there was good discussion regarding several verses and how they apply to our lives.  The team is also working hard to keep up with their verses.  The weather at the base was probably high 80s with humidity much like Florida and up here in the mountains it looks promising… it’s probably low 80s with much less humidity.  We are not sure if we will have internet reception in Santa Maria and we are looking into purchasing a phone so we can call in our reports to the Florida TMI base so they will post them for all the parents, friends and family to see.

Everybody is in good spirits.  Please continue to pray for Team Honduras for team work, building friendships, and ease in sharing the Gospel.  

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  1. I just realized I could keep track of your journey online. I pray that you would all rely on the Lord for you strength during your journey and realize that what are you doing for God on this trip is just a small part of his plan for you. Have fun serving Him through whom all things are possible.

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