The Ireland PT Team Has Been Busy!

11209528_10153003193738457_3742558674522106100_nIt’s been a busy few days since our last email. We’ve started on some of our projects. The kids have been helping to cut the boards that are being used to enclose the “giant” piece of granite in a shed. Because it is a small space, three work with Daniel, our Ireland Outreach contact (who is actually from California!) He seems to be enjoying our kids and plans on spending more time with us during other parts of the day. 

The area that we moved the swing-set from has had the concrete anchors dug out and moved. The dirt has been dug out and levelled. One of the last things we will do is to concrete in the area that the swing-set was in. Today, the team started on some landscaping- pulling weeds and removing some invasive plants. The rain has slowed us down some today. We praise God that we had sunshine yesterday as we all did laundry and were able to dry in on the line in the sunshine.

And now a word from some team members:

Simon: I have been straightening the ground and working in a kitchen. I have also been playing on a giant granite rock that is in a little shed. Today I made chocolate with marshmellows because I helped with meals. Some of the team moved a swing set and some pulled weeds on a hill.

Ensley: Our team has been working very hard and we get to switch jobs every day. Two days ago I was working on pulling out the concrete anchors holding the swing set down and yesterday I was working on sawing a board to fit a granite rock. The granite rock has bee growing a millimeter a year and now it is gigantic!! The structure that we are building now will last 20 years before it breaks through the sand. Today we were pulling out weeds and unwanted plants in the flower beds.

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