The Uganda Team Is Almost There!

11209405_10153003192183457_2987478231544164645_nWe just received this from the missionaries in Uganda (they are not at the base yet): (This really blessed me!)

We have heard from Innocent that team made it through Customs and they were at Shoprite about a hour ago. So they still have about two or so hours to go. I think they will arrive around 9 or 10 depending on how many stops they need to make. Maggie and I have prepared some soup and coleslaw and pineapple for them when they arrive. The students have been doing such a great job of cleaning up and having everything ready for the team.

Praise, Nelson’s son, wants to know when they will arrive so he can make sure he takes his bath and has his clothes picked out to meet the team. This morning he was practicing with his sister, Promise. He is going to say, “Hi guys, welcome to Uganda”. They told him he should not say guys to older people. But he says the Wazungus (white people) are my friends. “Praise, do you know any other them?” “No, but they are my friends so it is okay to call them guys.” He says, “they are my Wazungus.” But Promise says, “They are everyone’s Wazungus.” He says, “no, they are my Wazungus.” He is only four, but he has his own opinions and is quick to share with others if they are not doing things properly. 

Just a fun story

Innocent and an intern named, Augustin, were chosen to go pick up the US team. Augustin comes from Sorotee which is the big city nearest to Bugoi or TTT on the other side of the lake. But of course he is from a small village, he always went to the Boot Camp at TTT before he came as a BMW student. He has never been to Entebbe. He couldn’t believe that Nelson had chosen him to go with Innocent. He was laughing and dancing and singing everywhere the night before and he told Maggie this morning that he didn’t sleep because he was so excited that he was chosen to go and he was so thankful that such a guy as he was chosen for this trip. He just couldn’t believe that he was the one chosen. Now, Nelson told him he must wear his “Get Dirty for God” shirt so that the team would know he is with TMI. But he told Nelson that the logo is now coming off my shirt. But Nelson insisted that he must wear it. Now, he didn’t know if he had the right trousers to wear, should he wear jeans, should he wear dress trousers. How smart should he dress. How should he go about greeting them and looking after them. He must do everything as it should be. The next morning he came out to get some final instructions. Nelson gave him a newer yellow “Get Dirty for God T-Shirt” to wear. He again couldn’t believe that Nelson would allow him to wear something so nice. So off he ran to change into this yellow shirt. Then he came back and they looked at his shoes and Nelson said I think you should wear some different shoes so Nelson brought out a pair of his. Then he looks at his feet, saying how nice they fit and how good they looked. He was beyond excited. I sure would have loved to be with him when he met the team. I’m sure he asked Innocent all kinds of questions about what they should do and if he would see the planes and what it was all like at the airport. Maggie gave him 3,000 shillings which is about a dollar. He said I will bring this back to you because I could not even think to be able to eat anything. He couldn’t eat breakfast or dinner the night before. Augstine, said when he got to the airport he was going to call his mother in the village and tell her he was at the airport. He could not talk to his father because he feared for his health and he would just fall over because his son was at the airport in Entebbe

Its somehow refreshing and really special to see something that is so little to us such a highlight for someone’s life. You would have thought he won a wondrous prize. I guess for him it was.


  1. If there is a way to let them know how much this means to all of us, and I think we all want to just shower Augustine with mountains of love. He thinks he is the blessed one. His excitement, joy and love towards our children has given the team and those at home comfort and blessings beyond anything he can imagine. He was worried about being perfect without realizing that his show of love is more than perfect. This is my favorite update.

  2. This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us a little piece of what our kids will be experiencing. It makes it all that more real and exciting for us “watching” from a distance!

  3. Thank you for sharing such wonderful stories! Praying for a wonderful and productive time for the team in Uganda! It’s really awesome to be able to visualize the trip to the airport for Augustin! So special!!

  4. Wow, this blesses me so much, and I’m so grateful you shared this story about Augustin! I’m so grateful the team is being greeted with such love and excitement!

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