St. Lucia’s Sightseeing Day

image1We praise and thank God for His many blessings! Well today is a little gloomy because of the wet weather but the team is pressing on. It rained all through the night and is to rain for the rest of the day but God has a plan.
Wednesday the whole team was able to enjoy a wonderful last day of sightseeing. First we walked up to see Fort Rodney where in the colonial days they would watch the open seas for oncoming ships. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon doing more souvenir shopping for our friends and family in the capital city of Castries. It is truly wonderful to be able to see God’s handiwork on this little island as we see the towering mountains coupled with the blue Caribbean ocean. We have a truly powerful and mighty God! 

The growth in this team since day one at Boot Camp is astounding! They have gone from being complete strangers who didn’t want to get to know each other to becoming the close-knit family that they are now. God’s hand has truly been with us. At first we were very disfunctional,image2 but now it will be so difficult to have to say good bye in 10 days! God knows the plans He has for us and we can see that He is going to use every individual on this team to do something amazing even after try go home. 

This weekend the team plans on hopefully getting some of the concrete poured into the trenches we dug, pack to go home, then we are on our way to Florida for Debrief. Where did the time go? Please pray for the work on the worksite, for safety in travel and for God to be ever present in the lives of the team. Thank you for your constant prayer and support! God bless!!

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