The Guatemala Team Is Working Hard

11701118_10153003188878457_1560968154407592491_nI am impressed by the hard work our team has been putting in.  We have moved mountains of sand and gravel (much of it by buckets and some by wheel barrow).  We have unloaded and moved rebar and wire and unloaded and stacked 1,000 blocks that we will be using to continue the construction of the building.
Our work site is a 10-minute walk from our “home”.  We get there to start work in the morning than back home for lunch then back to the worksite.  Wednesday we were part of the Wednesday night service at the church across the dirt road from our worksite.  The team sang several songs and Abigail and Hannah S shared their testimonies (they both, honestly, did a great job).  NIck preached a short sermon and also did a really fine job.  
Pastor Jacob (and everyone else associated with the church and orphanage work), have all been incredibly hospitable and gracious.  They are truly a joy to work with.  All our team members just love playing the the orphans.
Our biggest challenge the first few days was having work for everyone to do and supplies had to be ordered, so they team showed they are very flexible and willing to share the load.  We had a lot of site clean up and prep the first day of work.  One challenge is the need to use hammer and chisle to take down a column.  We’ve spent probably 70 man hours on it and are maybe 20% done. Even in that the attitudes of the team members are amazing.
We have had a lot of coughs, sore throats etc.  We have been praying together a lot and know that God is really moving in our lives.
Charlie is our tech expert and with TMI (wisely) not allowing phones, computers etc, I know he feels he is missing his tech connections.  Pastor Jacob asked me yesterday if I knew anything about projectors.  I told him I had someone on the team who would be just right for the job.  Charlies jumped in and ended up figuring out the issue (it was a computer issue, not the projector). He had it all up and functioning before the Wednesday night service. 
God is so good.  Thank you all for your prayers.  


  1. Praying everyone stays Healthy! Hello Aliza! Check out the new facebook page made by Elizabeth Lopez. I Met all the team members at commissioning-Awesome group of team and leaders- Never saw a group of teens devour sour patch kids. skittles and licorice within minutes! Ha! This is a very cohesive team and together with God I am excited to see what they accomplish!

  2. I just looked for that on Facebook and couldn’t find it when I typed it into the search. Please send me a friend request. Kirstin Czeczok Evert.
    Also, could anyone find the orphanage website that was mentioned?

  3. I should have done this weeks ago, but I wasn’t sure there would be much interest or even how to find other parents! I’ve created a Facebook page for parents – search ‘TMI Guatemala 15016’. If you have trouble finding it, feel free to friend me – I’m Elizabeth Cooper Lopez. Amy Davis and I have been staying in touch, and we’ve both found it helpful and encouraging. We’d love to have other parents join us!

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