The Peru Team Is Excited About Going Sightseeing!

Peru 7:7#7What a Beautiful experience this has been! The weather has been very enjoyable, mostly sunny with some clouds and some rain on a few days. Everyone who was feeling ill now feels better. We are so thankful for that! Praise the Lord! 
The work project is making great progress! We are almost finished with the outer walls. We are now working on getting the interior walls up. We have purchased dry wall and a door for the home. We hope to have all exterior and interior walls finished by the time we leave.
We are  all headed to the waterfall for our sight seeing day. Everyone is super excited to see the new sights and swim by the waterfall today. Everyone was up bright and early ready to get on the 3-4 hour bus ride. The scenery is absolutely beautiful as we are starting to get into more farm land, hills and hopefully some mountains! The Peruvians have made a native meal for us—chicken, rice and egg wrapped in a leaf. We also brought home-made rice Krispy treats, plantains and native drinks for everyone. On the way back we will be stopping at John’s house for a BBQ and a possible swim in the lake (weather permitting). We are excited to see his airplanes and hear how he uses them to share the Word of God!
Unfortunately our time here is coming to an end. Our flight leaves Pucallpa Sunday evening. We will all miss this wonderful  place ! God Bless, 

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