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20150718_143737Dear Parents and family of the Malawi #1 Team.
What an amazing journey the Lord has taken this team on. We want to thank you for having a part in this journey with us. My wife and I as the head leaders would like to start by thanking YOU parents for allowing the most precious thing in your lives to come to Africa with Teen Missions. We know this was a faith journey for you as well and it has been a privilege for all of us leaders. My wife and I will be staying in Malawi along with one another leader. Our trusty backup male leader and female leader, Sean and Emily will be bringing them home and through Debrief. We will miss them very much and the base will be very quiet. 
On Wednesday the team welcomed the 2nd Malawi Drill team. It was fun for both teams to interact for a couple days, sharing stories about Boot Camp and for our team to tell them about Malawi. We were able to have group devotions together; it was fun for our team to sing with other North Americans. The team said goodbye to the other team as they loaded up on Friday morning to head to their drilling site.
The last couple of days the team has been helping to clear the beach for our national Boot Camp. It looks wonderful! They helped with watering trees and because it’s the dry season, our baby plants need to be watered. Last night we had our special team dinner, so we got out the grill for some meat and had ice cream for dessert. Yes, even in Africa you can get ice cream! It was a special night for the team as they looked back over the last month and what God taught them. Today they are busy packing their bags and trying to make sure all their souvenirs don’t break on the way home. Tonight, for our last night in Malawi, we will be having homemade pizza and cold soda! We will be leaving for the airport about 7:30am and their flight leaves at 2:45pm.
The team is feeling bittersweet right now. While they are looking forward to returning home they know their summer is coming to an end fast. It has been a joy to watch them grow as a team, and see their personal walks with the Lord grow stronger and deeper. Seeing them overcome their fears, worries, homesickness, and giving their all over to the King of Kings. Please pray for the team as they travel and pray for no head colds going from a cooler climate to a hot one. Thank you again for all who joined us on this adventure in Malawi. May God bless you all.
Note to parents: They will be making a quick phone call from Miami. If they can’t do it in Miami they will do it in Orlando. This will just be a quick call to say they have made it back to the USA safe and will see you very soon!
“I love Malawi and I’m going to miss it here. I see why they call it the “Warm Heart Of Africa”; the people are so friendly and welcoming. I have grown so much closer to the Lord through this experience. I know I’m going home forever changed.” –Abby Thieme 
“Malawi truly is the “Warm Heart Of Africa”. Living among the BMW students, I have realized that the welcoming voice of someone, even a stranger, goes a long way. These people work in a way that motivates me to humble myself and do what Jesus did; get on my knees and serve. After this motivating experience, I plan on taking many lessons learned back home with me and acting on it. I’m glad I got to return to Africa. It has been a wonderful humbling experience.” –Leanna Weins
“Before I came here, my biggest fear was of not being able to make friends. But to my surprise, I’ve bonded with my teammates more quickly and closely than with almost any other group of people I’ve met. I’ve grown spiritually and mentally a lot through my experiences here. I have also been becoming less of a perfectionist, and God has shown me so much. I can’t believe that I’m about to leave. I’m excited to return home, but I’m really going to miss Malawi and my team.” –Brayden Andreasen
“I can’t believe we are leaving Malawi already! Time has flown by; I loved spending time with my team and by getting to know the people here. God has shown me so much this trip that will influence me the rest of my life.” –Sierra Payne 


  1. Leslie and Loren Wiens

    Thank you so much for taking care of everyone on the team. Our hearts our with you and we look forward to hearing stories and experiences when Leanna returns home! Thanks for all the reports and cool pictures! Thanks for the many details and tasks, you had to oversee, in the midst of loving our kids and the people of Malawi, in Jesus name.

  2. Thank you, Josiah and Bethany and the other leaders for watching over our daughter and the rest of the team. We pray God continues to bless you and your work in Malawi. Praying safe travels and good health for the team as they return. We can’t wait!

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