Two Testimonies From The Peru Team

image3Liz Roaseau wrote on July 13th 2015:
Well having to work on your 16th birthday isn’t as bad as it sounds. In fact it was quite fun and an average workday. It was in the afternoon that we mostly celebrated. After a long walk to the restaurant, that jetted out of a hill close to the waters edge, we sat down and had an AWESOME time talking with each other. The view was amazing. Just being able to see the water and trees surrounding it, as it continued as far as the eye could see, truly amazing! As many other people said it seemed like we were staring and living in a painting. The sky was the deciding factor of this. After we were done eating we left and headed back home in the dark, which I will admit it was slightly scetchy. But we all made it back in one piece. Through KP and some help, including me, we made some Apple Pie. One of the team members attempted using pie crust to form the words, “Happy Birthday”. It kind of looked like words.:) anyway I had an amazing, wonderful and truly Sweet 16th Birthday. And come to find out my parents had paid for the delicious meal. 
Thanks Mom & Dad! 
Written Rory March 7–13

When we got to the orphanage, I immediately felt welcomed. The door was open for us to come in, and although it was a Catholic orphanage, many kids were ready to accept Christ. 12 girls were saved and many others heard them good news. Overall it was a great time spreading the gospel. Amazing to be wrapping up our project. Today was a great day!
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