An Update From South Korea

IMG_1465As I write this, the team is sitting in the main room of the Child Evangelism Fellowship office doing Bible Quizzing.  It’s exciting to hear most of them actively participating, as they are quite competitive.  This week has been very exciting, we arrived here on Tuesday morning and began doing ministry on Wednesday afternoon.  This week the team was split up into four groups and traveled to different after school programs throughout the city to put on mini English camps (school does not get out here for another couple weeks).  The team had very little notice to prepare for these camps (less than 15 minutes on the first day) but they were wonderful, flexible and creative.  Three of the groups traveled to after school programs which are designed for low-income children, many of these children spoke little to no english.  So the team developed creative ways to teach about animals, colors, numbers and other basic english words.  The Korean students loved lessons that involved movement or playing board games. The fourth team worked with an after school English academy where students pay a tuition to work on their english skills.  This team had a defined curriculum that they needed to teach, but they tried to integrate games and action into their lessons.  Even though the intent was for us to teach english at these after school programs the team made a deliberate effort to present the gospel at each location.  They developed creative ways to share Bible stories and utilized their translators to present the gospel messages to these young children.  One group used their lessons about animal names to tell the story of Noah and had the children act like specific animals.  At the end of the week we were able to present a children’s book in English, many of which presented a gospel message, to all of the participants.  We were surprised and blessed to receive gifts from each location including five large watermelons, a case of nectarines, a case of oranges, more tofu than we could ever eat and pizza!  The team feels like we’ve been eating like kings and queens.

Today we visited our missionaries’ church and were treated to a traditional Korean lunch afterwards by the pastor.  It was such a blessing to worship with other believers in a language that many of us do not understand but know we are all worshiping the same God!
This next week we are looking forward to spending five days at a local preschool.  The team will be working alongside these young children to develop relationships and open their eyes to the gospel and Christ’s love for them.  The team will be teaching basic english phrases and sharing the gospel through drama, puppets and balloons with these preschool children.
Thank you for your prayers for our team.
I asked all the team members to share a quick message about Korea, and this is what they wrote:
Korea is a very beautiful place and hall the kids here are so very cute. – Megan
The kids here love to laugh at us, which I think is great.  They also wanted to take selfies with us! – Sarah A.
I absolutely love it here, the students are really smart; and also adorable. – Jasmine
I love the food and culture! – Abby
The kids are so amazing and adorable.  The food is defiantly delicious and different. – Rebekahann
I miss you Butler family! – Miles
Everyone here is so kind and hospitable.  And the kids are so adorable! – Lauren
Hi.  Boy have we had a lot of fun here in South Korea.  Ice cream is everywhere and I love it, along with the generous people.  Thank you for all your prayers. – Clara
My team is great! Teaching the kids is really awesome!  It’s fun to see these kids learn through games and skits.  I love working as a team to teach these kids. – Andrew
Korea has been such a unique and amazing experience.  Interacting with the kids, trying new, delicious foods, basing at the lively city, and just being in a new place that’s so much different from home is exciting and refreshing and I’m learning so much here! – Lynette
What an experience!  Once the jet lag passed I was ready to start teaching and experiencing the Korean culture.  The people are great, the food is great and the kids are a lot of fun! – Gillian
I have learned and experienced so much in such a short amount of time.  I love teaching the kids and learning more about Korean culture! – Sabrina
While here in Korea I’ve learned a few things.  i.e. it’s hard to buy a soda without knowing Korean (lol!), but I’ve also learned the power of really simple things, like one hug or a silly face it’s stronger than any language barrier or the old of low self esteem.  I saw this in the kids here. – Spencer
Korea is great! I love the food and people!  All I really have to say is that I thank God for sending me here. – Ryan T.
It’s been amazing in South Korea!  I love the kindness and hospitality of the people and the kids are so cute and inviting. – Erinn
I’m so excited to finally be in South Korea!  God’s taught me so much already & I can’t wait to see what He has in store. – Wynter
Korea is such a wonderful place! The people are not only open to us but open to God’s word.  The kids love our small Bible dramas and the way we use it to teach English. – Anthony
It’s so amazing to be here in Cheon-an.  I love laughing with the kids, and having them laugh at us as we teach them English and they try to teach us Korean (they’re much better than us!).  I can’t wait to keep teaching and I’m going to miss them so much when we go. – Blythe
South Korea sos far has been a wonderful place.  The people are so open and kind.  As I have taught children my heart has gone out to them.  I can’ truly say that on all levels I love Korea. – Aaron
The city of Cheonon is unique.  We went shopping today and it reminded me of a dirty New York City.  The girls in my travel group wanted to go to H &M.  So we went to an American store in Korea.  The food here is great.  The people are very nice.  Love y’all.  Bye – Sarah R. 


  1. Terri Chatsinchai

    We are so thankful you all are having such a beautiful experience with the kids, the food with the generosity of the people there, and the culture especially being able to share your love for God with these precious children. I can imagine they are cuddly.
    We are praying for you all,
    The Chatsinchais

  2. It is so wonderful to hear from all of you. You are all so blessed to have this experience and there are so many people praying for you. Sending my love out to you all and my daughter Lynette. We miss you!
    Dana Lavigne

  3. i request to volunteer and the rest of our team, we are eargerly waiting for your reply

  4. Craig and Sharon Butler

    “Butler”, we miss you too! Your little sister keeps praying that you will fall into the slough. Go figure!?!? We all miss you very much! We are however, very jealous of all that great Korean food!!! Praise the Lord for all of you and the work God is doing in and through you! I guess I should not tell you, son that I have a whole jar of Nuetlla and can of green tea to my self and loving it!
    Love and praying for all of you!

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