The Bangladesh Team Is On Their Way!

Bangladesh7:2#1Airport here we come! 
We are just about to start our journey out of Bangladesh. In just a few hours we will be getting on our plane and flying away from this place that has been our home for a month. It’s been a hard and sad week, but we have made it and we are an even stronger team. 
Our digging project has come to an end for us. We did not dig the entire parking lot but we did make a significant difference and we began to fill it in with sand and brick chips and start to compact it into what it will become! We finished sorting the clothes at Home of Hope and finished a few other projects they had over there for us. 
Friday, after church, we were able to go back to Home of Hope to play water games with the kids and have a bonfire and smores! Even though it was our last time seeing the kids and the good byes were very hard, we had a great day and we leave with amazing memories. 
For those of you who have been wondering, yes, it is still raining. Last night the thunder and lightening kept some of the team awake. We lost power at about 1AM, but because of the heavy rain and wind, it stayed nice and cool. Most of us are looking forward to not living through rain almost 24/7 when we get home. 
Please pray for us as we travel. Pray that all our bags make it and that there will be no complications, that there will be people with open and soft hearts who will be willing to hear about what we have been doing for the past months and that Christ will open their eyes to Himself. Please pray that we would have strength and that our bodies would adjust to the time change when we get back to Florida. 
Thank you for you constant prayers and letter! We are excited to get back and share our summer with you all.

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  1. Thank you for this update! We are praying for your return trip and so excited!! (Ryan’s mom)

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