The Holy Land Team Has Been Busy!

11742713_10153003189848457_3080678135618488950_nOur work project is in full swing.  These last few days the team has been very busy!!!  Construction on the green house has begun.  Its dimensions will be 60×20 meters. We have cleared the land that will house it from weeds, brush, trees, AND stumps!!  The stumps were tough and difficult to get out.  The ground is very hard and did not want to relinquish the stumps.  One stump had even grown into a rock and a pick ax was needed to break that before the root of the tree could even be seen!!!!!  Man won the battle versus the stumps though.:). We have it laid out but the ground is about four feet out of level!  A guy is coming with a backhoe to level the ground on Tuesday which will save the team many days of shoveling.  We have the rebar ready for the footers as well.  The team has also cleaned up the property raking up all the weeds and moving piles of rubble and debris. They have also moved the staff’s office furniture as they have switched their offices around.  Many hands does make light work!!!  
Yesterday we worked a half day.  After a class and some Bible quizzing, we walked down to Bethlehem.  When I say “down”, I mean it literally.  The town of Beit Jala is built on a steep hill, which isn’t so bad when you are walking down it.  Going up though is a whole other story!!  Doing that hike a few times would whip anybody into shape!!!!  We made it fun though and enjoyed “the burn” and the physical benefits that will come from it.:).  
While in Bethlehem, we enjoyed a dinner of falafel and shawarma paired with a cold soda.  Words can not do those wonderful favors justice!!!  So good!!!!!  We also shopped some too and many teammates put their bartering skills to good use and got some great deals.  Some beautiful jewelry was purchased as gifts for some moms out there too…lucky, lucky!!!  
Today we are venturing in to Jerusalem for church as well as some sightseeing, so I will have much to write about tomorrow.  Please keep praying for us.  A few of us have allergies that are quite debilitating and there are some colds going around too.  We have not received any mail yet either due to the difficulty of getting into Israel for the Palestinian staff here, so pray about that too!!!  I am sure the post office is over flowing with letters for our team and maybe it will get so full, that the Israeli post will deliver it for us to make room in their offices!!!! 


  1. Hello to Moriah Bailey. This is her aunt Mary, from Chattanooga,Tn. Thinking and praying for her constantly, knowing this trip will leave a mark on the holland, and in her heart for years and years to come. I love you Riah, and will mail a letter today. Hugs from home! xoxoxo

  2. Hello! This note is for Emily Brooks. Hugs and love to you! We pray for you and the whole team daily. May the Lord bless you and keep you, Emily, the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you, the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace. Warmly, Aunt Angela

  3. Lester and Frances Mengel

    Anastasia Leatherby is our granddaughter. We would like to greet her and tell her that we are praying that overall she will have a very wonderful experience and wonderful memories of this great work for our Lord and Savior. Our love and our prayers be with her. I’m sure she will have wonderful new friends in the Lord. We will be anxious to hear about her trip when she returns home. Grampy and grandma Frances

  4. Timothy Kennelly

    Greetings to all. It is very exciting to hear news of you starting your work and going into Jerusalem and Bethlehem. May Christ continue to be with you and bless all that you do. Edward and the team are on my mind all of the time. I am prayign for you every day.
    I have posted a note below from another family member.


    Tim Kennelly

    This is a not from June Doyle, Edward Kennelly grandmother: It’s such a delight to hear how the team is progresing and yet have time for some fun things. Praying God redeem the time for you, and you get it complete in a timely manner. Praying for you daily; for God’s wisdom, understanding and that He will speak very clearly to all team members.

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