The Nepal Team Has Been Busy!

FullSizeRenderWhile the most spectacular pink orange sunset filled the cool moist air around mendies Haven, we sat inside the dining area where Kamal served us delightful butter biscuits and warm, creamy tea.  We have all noticed the humble hospitality with which all the children and staff have received us and are thankful and hope that we can be the same.
The first full day we were here we adjusted to the time difference and relaxed while working on memorizing verses and also started Bible marking and library reading and exploring the beautiful plants and marvelous views around the compound.  Multiple times each day, since we are located directly in the landing path of the Kathmandu airport, planes push though the clouds way over our heads so close we are able to see the airline symbols. Maddie led our group devotions on the first night and did a great job sharing her testimony as well as what she had been learning in her personal devotions.
On the 16th, the team began landscaping the grounds around Mendies Haven, trimming shrubs, pulling weeds, sweeping walkways and digging out small segments of sidewalk to be filled with concrete later.  Everyone commented how helpful it felt to work and the grounds looked sharp in record time.  The next day Daniel, Nick and Shannon took the team down the road a short bit to help level a couple of buildings that had been partially destroyed by the earthquake.  One group salvaged red bricks from a pile of rubble. The other group took clay shingles off the roof of another building and passed them down the stairs to the ground. Carolyn found a key among the rubble and Emma M found a part of a dried flower hanging on a doorknob and a part of an old piece of pottery.  Some people enjoyed fresh pears that were growing near where they were working.  That afternoon the team worked together again on landscaping and some adjustments for the fence at the back of the property. Yaminel, Alex and Ellen enjoyed jamming to some music that was being played for us by the children. Isaac and Sarah were on KP that day and helped prepare and serve a fresh salad and Chicken Alfredo for dinner.  
Yesterday, the team was able to head into town after attending a church service held in Nepalese.The church was packed full but some of the team were still able to join everyone on the floor experiencing the worship first hand as well as the sermon about simplicity was a unique and welcome change into our routine.
In town we enjoyed bartering for Gorkha knives, necklaces, colorful pants and other unique trinkets before walking into a local restaurant for lunch.  The food was delicious and the quiet break from shopping was enough to keep is going.   We have all been truly savoring our time here. It has been and continues to be amazing to see Gods hand at work through each team member, leader and Nepali.  
Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. We wholeheartedly appreciate every one of you. “Shout for joy to God all the earth. Sing the glory of his name. Give to Him glorious praise. Say to God ‘How awesome are your deeds. So greet is your power that your enemies come cringing to you. All the earth worships you and sings praises to you.  They sing praise to your name “. Psalm 66:1-4

Dylan N:  Nepal has been great thus far. We’ve been doing landscaping at Mendies Haven and demolition projects in the surrounding area. The team is growing closer together and also to Christ.  Our trip to Thamel Market on Saturday was awesome, although some of us could use work on our bartering skills. Missing the comforts of North America but loving the work we are doing here in Nepal. 

Emma A:  this year God had been showing me how to lay down myself and put other people’s feelings above my own.  I have learned that true joy comes from seeing the smiles of the children after playing a song for them or the giggles they share when you wish them good night before bed.

Sarah H:  I am in love with Nepal. It is the most beautiful place I have ever been. I love the friendly people, the smells, the tastes, and the simplicity of life without materialism.  But most of all, I love the joy these people have despite all the hardships that have come their way. 
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  1. What amazing experiences you must be having!!! Ellen we love you and miss you!! Big hugs!

  2. Christine Nickolson

    So glad to hear that all is going well! To God be the glory for all that is being done there and the lives that are being touched! Dylan N. we miss you and love you

  3. Donald and Memy Hillman

    AMAZING! PRAISE THE LORD!!! You guys are in or thoughts and prayers.Keep up the good work !!!

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