Vanuatu Is On Pentecost Island!

11694748_10153003192218457_7113597536276802947_nWere do we start! Finding internet service in Pentecost is very scarce so we have finally found a place to send it when we can. Our time in Port Vila was a busy time, but relaxing. We all staying in a church and cooked over a wood fire. We were able to catch up on our verses, change money and repack for our smaller flights to Pentecost. We enjoyed visiting the local market.
We were split on two flights to Pentecost. One flight took seven people and their luggage and the other took the rest of the team. They had to weigh us (we were glad it was after Boot Camp!) and our luggage for the charter flight! The flight over was beautiful. When we arrived in Pentecost airport we were greeted by our missionary, Silas.
We loaded into four trucks and headed to the project site about 45 minutes away. We drove along the coast and the water was beautiful! We drove through small villages arriving at Noda Guest House where we are staying. It is an oasis in the middle of the jungle! We are enjoying beds, toilets and a shower! We are waiting for six more bags to come (hopefully tomorrow) and we are also waiting for eight more bags to come on the boat on Thursday. They are food bags so all the team members have their personal luggage. We were only allowed 22 pounds on the charter flight so we had to ship the rest. The island is beautiful and you can tell that they had some effects of the cyclone, mainly in the crops. There are very few vegetables around, a few tomatoes and beans, but no fruits available as they are bouncing back from the storms. We have a nice lady who is making bread for us so that is a blessing.
The team is doing very well. We have already done a couple of presentations. We did one at church this morning. The service was three hours long, but didn’t seem like that. The church people welcomed us with leis and singing. Devotions are enjoyed on the beach and you can hear the waves crashing into the shore as you go to sleep at night.
Yesterday, we were able to go up to the project site and get some of the supplies together. When we arrived, the village chief (in his loin cloth) did a dance for the team and they presented us a welcome of leis also. They are so excited to have the team come and build the kindergarten. There was a long list of villages requesting a kindergarten to be build, and this one is up in the mountain. It will take 30 minutes to walk up to the project site each morning. KP will be taking lunch up also! 
Next week starts 10 days of Independence Day celebrations and they want the team to be involved. We are to share at the stage each night. Pray for strength as we want to get the project done and we have many opportunities to share.
I love this island. It is beautiful. We have had safe travels the whole way and lot of awesome pictures. Alyssa
The island is amazing and the people here are so kind. Caleb
Pentecost is amazing so far. Quiet times on the beach, friendly people, amazing scenery. Holly
Climbing up the very steep mountain every day for 40 minutes is so fun. Actually seeing banana trees for the first time is amazing. Josh
The people here are nice and it is cool that we are near the beach. Ethan.
As soon as we landed on Pentecost, I was in love with the place…it is so beautiful! Diana
I love the people here and the water is beautiful. It is so calming here and I never want to leave. Naomi
The people here are so nice and have been very helpful. I am looking forward to starting the project tomorrow. Kyle
The people are nice and our time here has been great so far. Victoria
Pentecost is the most amazing place I’ve ever been. The Ocean can be seen from almost everywhere and all the people are so nice. Matt
I am loving being back in Vanuatu! Even thought we haven’t been here that long, I know God has great plans for our team. Ali
God is doing great things here. Owen
The climb to the work site is amazing and lots of fun. Only God could do that. Tasha
Vanuatu is a beautiful place and everyone here is so friendly. I love it here and am excited to start the project. Emily.
Vanuatu is not what I expected! It is so pretty here and God is showing me so much. Kara
Backpacking through Europe is great! Too bad we are not in Europe! We are in Vanuatu! Vanuatu is pretty cool though. Michael
It’s really pretty here. Good weather, good camp. The days are long. The locals are nice. Austin
I love Pentecost Island. The hike to the work site is a thrill and the beach and scenery is picturesque. Lukas


  1. Also if you google Noda Guest House Vanuatu you can find 70 plus great pics of Waterfall village and the guest house where they are staying.

    So great to see pictures of their cozy looking rooms!!

    • Thanks, Ann. They are fortunate to be staying in such nice accommodations! Since the waterfall is so close (5 mins walking distance), I’m thinking they can hear it at night as they drift off to sleep.

  2. Mercedes Almazan

    Thank God that our kids are doing Great and enjoying the mission trip.

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