Yea! And Another Madagascar Report!

11742901_10153003190683457_4269635344601273495_nToday was the start of a busy and exciting week! Much of the day was spent preparing for the coming days on the circuit. The team will be riding out on Wednesday to hold Sunday School, and then we will move out to spend three days in a village from Thursday to Saturday. During the Sunday School, the team taught phonics, played duck-duck-goose, and taught a Bible lesson with the help of the circuit rider. They enjoyed playing with the kids and learning their names, and everyone is excited to go out later in the week!
On Sunday we attended a Malagasy church and the kids gave their 1st presentation including singing and puppets. 
Please continue to pray for safety on the bikes–the kids are learning to adjust to riding on rougher roads and in sand. It has been an experience, but they are learning quickly and the Lord is protecting them.
Our time in Madagascar has been interesting thus far. We had some trouble on the bikes and we are learning to trust in God solely for protection. We have a break tomorrow (Tuesday) then Wednesday we are headed out on the bikes to camp for the week. We are all really excited about the upcoming week on the circuit. -Danae K.
Hello outside world! We have now been in Madagascar for almost a week, and the team and I have been having a wonderful time. We went on our first circuit adventure yesterday, and it was pretty exciting. The Sunday school was short but sweet and we had a good time playing and teaching with the kids. God is doing good things here and we look forward to a week of more circuits and sunday schools. -Megan S. 
This summer I have grown in my faith so much by learning to trust God more. It takes a lot of trust in Him every time we ride the motorcycles on the roads because the roads are tough at times. I’m excited to continue to grow in faith for the duration of the summer. -Colton K. 


  1. Sounds exciting! And a little trouble always makes for a good story….and helps grow your faith! Praying for this team, and especially for Meg! A postcard is coming your way….hope it reaches you!

  2. It’s good to hear all is well. Please keep info coming . Praying for the teams safe travels. Would love to hear how Amy’s doing.

  3. So happy to hear all is going well. Love the updates, praying daily. Oh by the way I am David’s grandma.

  4. So thankful for this positive update! We’re so thankful, as a pastor’s family, for these kind of mission trips that give our youth a taste for the important work of the bringing of the gospel to the world. And we’re thrilled to hear from Megan 🙂 Our prayers are with you!

  5. Thank you so much for the report. It is so good to hear from the team and to know how to pray more specifically. May God bless you all this week with strength, health, safety on and off the roads, and many opportunities to see His mighty hand at work in and through you!

  6. christy stewart

    Yay! Thanks for reporting again. It’s good to hear that everyone is doing well, and it was especially exciting to hear a little update from our daughter Megan 🙂 We are praying for you all everyday!

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