The Australia PT Team Is Loving It!

20108_10153003193213457_1319038579245502025_nIt’s amazing how the time flies here in Australia. We’ve already been here an entire week and couldn’t be loving it more. Each morning, we do our devotions while watching a mob of kangaroos in the field. One is so large that we call it Roids as though it were on steroids and another has a baby joey in her pouch. They all love it so much!   

We went shopping in Eumundi on Saturday where Spicer and Semaj purchased genuine leather hats with lifetime guarantees and Kaley purchased a belt from the same vendor. Caleb and Lucas bought returning boomerangs to try out when they go home and Maddy bought a didgeridoo to make beautiful music with. A wonderful day was finished off with a large bonfire here at the Teen Missions Australia base where we got the chance to socialize with some of the BMW students here and say goodbye to the Teen team that left early this morning. This was probably the first time Gracie was warm since we arrived here.
On Sunday we visited C3 church in Noosa where we helped with the kids church. Semaj and Kaley gave their testimonies and Josh and Sam O helped teach the children the story of David and Goliath. The kids’ church leaders offered them some lollies in the form of different gummies.
Lorelai is excited about the prospect of laying concrete today for the sidewalks while Maddy and Sammy C stay inside with me preparing Crispy Peanut Butter Balls for lunch. We’re anxiously anticipating the wondrous things that God has in store for us during the next two weeks and feel your prayers on us every waking moment. It’s only a matter of weeks until we return home and share all that He’s done in our lives during our time Down Under.
Sammy C: Even when you’re tired you can’t sit down because you have to work.
Maddy: I’ve learned that you need to be willing to do any job; you don’t need to be just willing to do one. You need to be open. And you need to have a happy heart through everything. ‘With a smile on your face and a smile in your heart.’


  1. We need another update PLEASE!!

  2. Kaley….Hope you had a nice birthday on the 9th of July. We thought about you! Think about you everyday and can’t wait to hear all about your trip…….Paw Paw and I are so proud of you and praying for you and all of your friends today and everyday. Keep safe…..Love you! Mimi

  3. Maddie .praying for you and you team. Love proud of you.

  4. I cant’s see the picture… Is it just me??

  5. Keep up the good work! We are continuing to pray for all of you. Can’t wait to see you Maddy! We are expecting a concert on your didgeridoo along with your experiences when you get home! Love ya!!!

  6. To any parents or family we have a Facebook page for parents and family. I have posted pictures I took at boot camp etc. Please message me on Facebook if you would like to join. It is a closed page. Kelly Donegan Capener Samuel Capener Mom

  7. Rosemary Juarez

    this is Alex,
    i miss you Maddy. have fun!!!!!!
    ps- church camp was great many people were saved and many people re-committed to God!
    praying for you girly
    love shortstuff

  8. Maddy Stout I can not wait to hear you tell us all that God is showing you. Sounds like you are already learning so much. We are cheering your whole team on from Texas! Praying for yall constantly. Go make God’s name known to Australia Sweet Girl! Much Love!! -Mom

  9. Sooooooo very excited to see how many lives are changed as these kids shine the Light of Christ! Blessings to you all from Maddy’s teacher, Mrs. O.

  10. Rosemary Juarez

    Maddy we miss you but we are so happy for you! I can just see your beautiful smile! Goodness how are you bringing the didgerido home? Love you!

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