The Indiana Team Continues To Be Busy!

GroupTo the parents who are all over the USA, you’re loved ones are doing well! 

The team had a great weekend, not too relaxing but it was nice. Saturday we cleaned up the Triple T building in order to get ready for the rally at 7:27 pm. Saturday’s rally was the 2553 consecutive rally since the ministry started—what a great example of commitment for the whole team to witness! 

We all made a Walmart run to get a few much-needed items such as deodorant and toothpaste. (Not sure how we made it with some people missing their deodorant…) It was a rushed trip but it went well and they enjoyed the time out!
After Walmart the team practiced for the rally and spent some more time making sure things were clean. Rally went well the team performed their presentation very well, had a few hiccups but overall it was very well done! You can definitely see each of their personalities coming out through the puppets and skits.  
On Sunday we performed at the First Avenue Presbyterian Church, the team again did an astounding job! Musically they are amazing, beautiful voices, it does have a slight country sound to it because the majority of our ladies have southern accents. 
The drive back to Triple T from church was scenic and we all enjoyed the lush green surroundings. The lady leaders prepared BLT’s for the team and after enjoying our lunch we proceeded to the George Rodgers Clark museum. It was very informative, truly an amazing story, very inspiring. 

Today is the beginning of our second week of sharing the Gospel at the fairs in the surrounding counties. We are all excited for this new week full of new fairs and people!
~ The Lord has taught me to be more compassionate, forgiving, patient and aware of everything the Lord does for me. The Lord has answered my prayers and blessed me abundantly with good people to keep me on the righteous path.
– Eva Harper
~ I’ve been going to the fairs and evangelizing. We went to the memorial for George Rodgers Clark yesterday. We will be going to more fairs this week. We have also been going to churches and doing skits and songs at the churches. 
-Stryker Gerondale
From the leaders: Thank you again for sending your beloved children on this trip we have been blessed by them and they have been doing such an amazing job at everything that they do!Indiana #1 Indiana #3 Indiana #4 Indiana #6 Indiana #7 Indiana #8 Indianan #2


  1. I love reading all about the activities and the comments from the group. What an awesome time. Thanks for the photos and updates. Praying for you all daily! So many new friends, new sights, new experiences, new awareness. What a blessing you are to the people you meet.

  2. Thanks for the updates! So glad to see the pictures too! Praying for you guys!! <3

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