The Ireland Preteen Team Is Almost Done With The Rock

Ireland #6The “giant” rock is just about boxed in. We hope to start packing the six inches of sand on top tomorrow and pouring the concrete over that.
The landscaping crew is doing a good job of digging out the unwanted plants in the front flower bed by the tower. We will be moving on to other projects soon and will let you know when we find out what they are.

We had a busy weekend. On Saturday we took the DART train into Dublin and walked up to O’Connell Street where we handed out tracts. We managed to give out all that we brought with us. It was a bit uncomfortable at first to offer a tract and be ignored or turned down, but the kids got into it and some did quite well. We had to be careful how we approached people and make sure that none of our tracts were tossed out. We pray that at least some of them were read and that those people wanted to know more about Jesus.

After passing out tracts, we started walking toward St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Along the way most of us purchased lunch. The kids were excited to see McDonald’s, Burger King and Starbucks.  We ate lunch in a park and then headed on to the cathedral where we went on a guided tour. We learned that Jonathan Swift of “Gulliver’s Travels” fame was dean of this cathedral and his  pulpit was on wheels.  If he caught someone sleeping during his sermon, he would have the pulpit rolled up to the offender and wake them up. Imagine if pastors did that in churches today!  After that, we walked through more of old town Dublin on our way back to the DART station and back to Dalkey. 

On Sunday, we went back into Dublin to church at  Fairview Hall. The team got to sing, give some testimonies and do puppets. They did a wonderful job. After church they had a potluck meal which we all enjoyed.Ireland #7 Ireland #5 Ireland #3 Ireland #2 Ireland #1

We are still adjusting to the cooler weather. We’ve had some rain,but not for long amounts of time.  Until the next time.


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  1. Uncle Freddy and I are thrilled that Simon has so diligently prepared for the opportunity, and is a part of this wonderful team that is serving the people on the country of his ancestors, and sharing Christ with them!

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