The Last Report From South Africa

DSCF3717 Well, we are leaving today to go to the airport as we leave to fly back to Florida. The girls have done an amazing job with the wall and getting half of it done as they are ready to put a window in. Saturday the girls got to play with kids one more time and did games, songs, story, and puppets with the kids. They also got to help out with blessing South Africa as we picked up trash. This team has been through so much experience here in South Africa that they will never forget. They did their last presentation at church on Sunday and they had a great time as the church got involved with doing Rock, Sword, Shield song. The girls got a lot done with being here and they enjoyed playing with the children so much. The smiles on the girls when they play with children just says it all as they show Christ love to the children. They were so happy that we got to go to Masakhane and play with the kids one more time.

Outstanding Experience,
The team got to help out with blessing South Africa Saturday as we helped to pick up trash on Mandela Day. The girls got to play with children and do their last presentation to them. 
Lia Crumpton,
Hello everyone, I hope you’re all having wonderful summers back home. Sadly our summer is coming to end. It has been an amazing journey. One of my favorite things we’ve done are MSSM (Motorcycle Sunday School Missions) in Maboloka. The kids came running and were eager to learn; when we would get ready to leave the kids would run up and hug us and it made me feel so special. Our cultural meals that we received were very tasty. I loved the cow hoof, it was like bacon that just wasn’t working out haha. Another enjoyable moment was going to Masakhane, it’s so awesome to spend time with the kids and get to know them. Mrs. Carol and Mr. Ivan make vs smile everyday as well as the South African BMW students. Chasing chickens around the property and using teamwork to catch one is great bonding, unfortunately, we’re not coordinated enough to catch them, but it’s still fun. THis summer has been such an incredible journey, it’s amazing  think God placed each of us together from all over the U.S. to serve Him. I am so grateful for each of my teammates, and excited to share more stories when I get back! Praisealleluia 
Savanna Alexander, 
Now that our adventure has come to an end, I can look back on it. At the beginning, I had no clue as to what I was doing at Teen Missions. As I progressed through Boot Camp, I began to realize that God not only sent me on the trip for the benefit of others, but also for myself. On this trip, I have learned to put God first. Each time after working and playing with the kids in South Africa, I had the opportunity to experience so much love. At this point I could see not only the love the kids gave, but also the overflowing love of Christ. I can’t wait to go home and share my experiences, and I am also hoping to spend next summer serving the Lord with Teen Missions International. 


  1. shanna alexander

    some reason the pictures are not opening up. is there anyway to fix this?
    it looks like you girls had an awesome summer and I cant wait until you get back savanna to see what adventure for Christ you will choose next summer. love you cant wait to see you ~Mommy and Daddy

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