The Switzerland Team Finished Their Project!

Switzerland 7:2#2As of lunch time this past Saturday, I am thrilled to report that our project is complete!!! Praise the Lord! Need I tell you the team is excited?? There were many times we wondered if we would see it completed, but God has been good and the team worked hard. Roger and Ursula (our host missionaries) are thrilled and thankful. Roger’s brother is a professional painter and he said the team did a really good job.
Weather – mostly nice on Friday – just a little afternoon rain. Saturday was quite a mixed bag – rain and wind in the morning, a lovely afternoon, and thunderstorms and rain at night. Sunday was another day of mixed weather – some nice, some rain. Today, however, has been lovely, for which we are very thankful since we are packing up.
Outstanding experience? Completion of the project!! What could be more outstanding??!! The YWAM base here presented every one of us with a personalized Swiss Army knife as a thank you gift.
Sunday service was, as usual, held right here. Joe Ruffner shared from the Word – about prayer – specifically The Lord’s Prayer.
Isabelle Parsons says: “We’ve done it!! The house has been sanded, scraped, and painted. Even a professional painter gave us his full approval of our work. It’s hard to believe that only a few weeks ago I didn’t even know this team, it feels like I’ve known them all my entire life. As the trip draws to a close and we prepare to head home, it’s really sad to think of saying goodbye. But I praise God every day for this amazing family He’s given me in this team and for the time we’ve gotten to share with each other. Sure, we’ve had our difficulties, but I owuldn’t shange this summer for the world. Praise the Lord for His many blessings, and for His eternal goodness! (Hi Mom and Daddy! See you all soon!)”
Anya Valkema writes: “As I sat upon the roof of the Nanny house, the feeling of accomplishment has arose. We have conquered the monsterous house, with the scaled of a dragon. The John Deere green shutters thought to be sent by the devil have all been baptized and redeemed. Over all Switzerland its been good, but now our time is coming to a close and to go home.”


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