The Trinidad Team Has Been Impressive

11231689_10153003193543457_1817050246448642261_nOur team has very much impressed the local church and people who thought we would not be able to accomplish very much. With wheel barrows and buckets, the team placed 8′ X 130′ of sand as fill along north side of church and an area 60′ X 60′ at the back. About 40 of 100 yards of drainage is finished along the road with sand, drain pipe, concrete side wall, stone and more sand on top. The team also removed and piled previously cut brush for burning. Thursday night was church, so we moved about 50 chairs that had been rented upstairs for service.
Timothy, Stuart, Benjamin & Yaa shared in group devotions this week.
The weather has been in the low to mid 90’s and very humid. We are grateful for the fans that the church has provided for our sleeping quarters.
Future plans include a trip to the beach and singing in church on Sunday.

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  1. Elizabeth Leary

    So glad to see they are helping to get things done! Praying they will each grow in the knowledge and grace of the LORD and live for Him always! My oldest grandson is on the Trinidad team. Our daughter (his mother) went to Iceland and her older brother went to what had been East Germany. We had been praying for years that our daughter would find a good Christian ‘best friend,’ and she found that ‘best friend’ at Teen Missions! She and her tent-mate bonded and have been very close friends since their 1996 summer experience!

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