Another Report From Trinidad!

11231689_10153003193543457_1817050246448642261_nWe continued hauling sand as fill for the long roadside drain. About 80 of 100 yards of it is finished. 
Saturday came and we planned on working half the day, but the pastor had it arranged for rides to the beach. Mountain riding usually is not too bad for most, but driving on the left side of the vehicle on the narrow mountain road left many of us a little queasy. 
We found the water refreshing and the beach was very beautiful. It was packed with all kinds of people. We’ve learned that Trinidad has one of the most diverse ethnicities in the world. All the kids splashed and played in the water, then we had lunch on the beach. There was a lady selling jewelry at the beach who is from Merritt Island, Florida, home of Teen Missions International. On the way there and back, we stopped at a roadside stand and tried a variety of delicious snacks made locally. 
At church on Sunday, we sang two songs. The people have been so welcoming and encouraging. Bryan peached about removing sin from our lives and many came forward to confess and repent of their sin. They love to worship loud and long here, which was pretty exciting to see. They have also been providing some great meals made of the local favorites including shark.
This week is VBS at church and we are helping with by teaching them some of our fun motion songs and using our puppets. Last Friday and Saturday afternoon, we canvassed the neighborhoods with their people to invite people. Some of the team helped in VBS and some continued the work outside.  
Morgan, Mikala, Neylan & Calvin shared in group devotions this week. Each team member has done an excellent job at sharing during group devotions.
Future plans include a shopping and siteseeing trip on Saturday.

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  1. So proud of all these precious kids 🙂 Love the updates! Looking forward to hearing how VBS went and where you all went for sightseeing 🙂

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