The Guatemala Team Is Loving The Orphans!

11701118_10153003188878457_1560968154407592491_nTeam Guatemala has officially been in Guatemala for one week! We are having so much fun and really getting to know the nationals. We learned how to sing Oceans in Spanish at Boot Camp, and yesterday we got to show it off in the Nuevo Reto church service! The nationals loved it and sang along with us. Braeden, Zack, and Alex got to give their testimonies during church as well! During children’s church the team did puppet shows and then acted out the story of Jonah for the kids! After church and lunch, we were invited by some of the older kids to play soccer at a park. The view was so amazing! At the park we could see many mountains surrounding us! Daniel surprised the nationals, as well as his team, with his awesome soccer skills! 
Ethan is doing awesome with his Bible memory verses! He did awesome during our quiz time yesterday! Charlie is doing great on the work site, he is able to speak almost fluently with the nationals, which makes it very easy to know what jobs are available on the work site. We are starting to see progress on the dormitory after one week of working on it! Grace says that she loves to see our team unite through the hard work we put into this building. Hannah E. said that she is learning contentment during the hardships that come along with serving the Lord!
Joanna is enjoying the shopping downtown for fruit, bread, and goodies. It was such a blessing to finally get all the money exchanged. It was a hard process. Guatemala is very picky about how they exchange our money. However, the Lord provided! The bank only let us exchange small amounts of money at a time and the group that was exchanging all the money had already gone through. The line was very long and might not have had enough time to go through it again. Plus they were already late for supper. But God had our back. A man from the Nuevo Reto church was at the front of the line and agreed to exchange the remainder of the money left!
All of the kids enjoy playing with the orphans and loving on them! The orphans are so sweet and love to spend time with us. They are always there waiting at the door for us when we arrive back at the orphanage after we get off work! Riley says that she loves the Guatemalan culture, and is catching on to Spanish! Vivian loves that there is so many dogs that are always running around, but she is sad that we aren’t allowed to pet them. However, it is still fun to look at all the different breeds! 
Pray for our team in Guatemala as we challenge them with the verse 1 John 2:6!


  1. Great news! Spending time with the kids, must be a highlight for them. I hope that I can go someday as well. I’m looking forward to hearing from Mark and how his trip is going.

  2. Thank-you so very much for these updates! They mean the world to me! I check several times a day for them, wishing and hoping for any word. It is such a relief to see them! I miss my sweet girl Hannah E more than words can say!

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