The Malawi II Team Has Been Hard At Work!

Malawi 7:21 #3Greetings from Taliya Village, Malawi!

We finally arrived at our drilling site as the sun was setting on Friday. We are located about three kilometers east of Lake Malawi in the Yao village of Taliya. The chief was here to meet us as were the TMI Malawi staff and students that are here to help with security and translation. Our campsite is on a picturesque ridge overlooking some nearby mountains.  
We dug out mud pits on Saturday, filled a 500- liter water tank and drilled a few feet. On Sunday we shared our first presentation at a church about 45 minutes drive away (I think that’s the nearest church…). Blake and Bethany shared testimonies. The team also shared music, drama, and puppets. Later in the day, we had a visit from a fairly high ranking government official. He came to express his appreciation for our work.
Today, we began drilling in earnest. We’ve gone down about 35 feet so far! Praise the Lord! So far it’s been mostly clay and some sand.  We had about 100 kids and adults watching us all day. We did circle games with the kids and used the Yao Bible stories on our Saber player with picture flip charts. Kids and adults just sat down and listened. We also used dramas and puppets. We are all healthy and grateful for Gods goodness. Sleep has been tough with noisy surroundings… First the end of Ramadan, then wind storms and then wedding celebrations. Whew…  
The weather has been warm and dry with cool mornings and evenings. Thank you for your prayers. 

We are drilling the well… About 35 feet in.  I think that being here is not as hot or as hard as Boot Camp. Evangelism is fun. Playing with the kids, they are always laughing…  Thanks to all the people who helped me to be here. -Kwaku Owusu

We are in our third day here at the project site and Africa never ceases to amaze me.  Wherever you go people are always smiling, friendly… Some ladies from the village (35) helped bring our drinking/cooking water. Every day at the drilling site there have been at least 40 villagers here watching us. It’s been a great experience sharing the Word with all these people and watching them absorb all that we are sharing. God has shown me that you always have to believe in Him and that if you do, He will always provide and do miracles. -Lexi Morrill

Malawi 7:21 #4 Malawi 2 7:21 #2 Malawi 2 7:21 #1


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  1. Kehinde (Kenny) Sokoya

    Hello Kwaku and team,
    I am proud of you all. I am praying for you all. Biblically, your team is like the “Samaritan woman” that offered water to Jesus at the well because you drilled land for water and offer a community. This is called flow and circulation of blessings. Keep it on. I believe in your mission.
    Stay bless.
    Kenny Sokoya, California, USA

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