The SouthKorea Team Has Been Busy!

S. Korea 7:22 #3The Korea team has had a busy week and we are only half way through it.  On Monday we began our week-long ministry at a local preschool.  The school has eight classrooms with children ages 2-6.  There are over 125 children at the school.  On Monday we arrived and were greeted by excited children who, we were told, had trouble sleeping the night before because they knew the Americans were coming.  As we walked into the building, we were greeted by children who would scream at us, “HELLO!”  and “VERY NICE TO MEET YOU!”  It made all the team members smile.   The children put on a short performance for us and we introduced ourselves.  Then the school set up a large inflatable waterside and play area for the team members to just play with the children.  We have discovered that it is important to develop a relationship with the Korean people before we begin working with them on their English because they are more willing to practice and make mistakes.  It was exciting to just see the joy on the children’s faces as they shot us with squirt guns and came tumbling down the waterside.

Tuesday was spent working with the children to assign them an English name.  The team members were broken up into classrooms and worked with each child to develop a small sign that had their English name on it.  In the afternoon the team did balloons with the classes.  Wynter & Rebekahann traveled around to all of the classrooms doing music.  They sung songs like “Father Abraham” and “Deep & Wide.”  Then Anthony and Megan traveled around with a picture storybook and a recording of Bible stories in Korean.  They had the opportunity to share the story of Jesus in the Temple as a small child with all of the classrooms.  

Today the team members put on a half-hour puppet show for all of the children.  The children were excited to watch the puppets.  The songs we learned at Boot Camp were a huge hit with the kids and many were clapping along and doing motions.  Andrew and Spencer used the puppets to tell the story of Noah to the children.  In the afternoon the team members accompanied the classes to their dance classes and listened to stories read by some “grandmas” that visited the classrooms.  The team is really beginning to develop relationships with their classrooms and are taking every opportunity that they can to share the love of Christ with the children.  We are praying that through our actions and the ministry that we have been doing here it will have a lasting impact.

As we look ahead please pray for our team.  Tomorrow we will accompany the oldest children on a field trip into the center of Cheon-an.  We will visit many important landmarks with the children, but this can be exhausting for the team members as they will be buddied up one on one with a Korean child.  On Friday the children’s parents will come and accompany their children on a full day of activities.  This will be an opportunity for us to show God’s love to the families.  Please pray that we will be sensitive to opportunities to share about Christ with these parents.

On Saturday we will be traveling about 45 min. outside of Cheon-an city to put on a week-long English camp.  We are excited to spend some intensive time with elementary age children who desire to learn english.  Pray for the ministry opportunities that we will have with these 20-25 kids who will be attending the camp.

Thank you again for all of your prayers.S. Korea 7:22 #2 S. Korea 7:22 #1 S. Korea 7:22 #4


  1. Aaron, it has been two weeks since you were taken to the doctor for your ear infection and ear drum rupturing. Does it still hurt? Feel weird? Have you been able to keep it dry? Is your hearing coming back? Do you think the antibiotics are working? Have you had a followup appointment with a doctor yet? Do you think you are better? worse? If you or your leader could send me a msg confirming your current condition I would be very grateful. We love you, miss you, proud of you and are praying for you, son, and the team. Thanks, Mom (Susan Bohot)

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