An Update From The Guatemala Team

11701118_10153003188878457_1560968154407592491_nAs we venture to the end of the week, the kids grow more excited for the weekend. The weekends in Guatemala are so fun. We get chances to spend more time with the children, play soccer, and perform at church! Last night Grace, Barnabas, and Logan shared their testimonies at the Nuevo Reto Church! It was so great to see them come out of their comfort zone and hear them speak about what God has done in their lives! Tonight we have been invited to visit another church and perform for them. 
Addison stated that he loves to see the team grow closer together! Lately, they have been encouraging one another, and trying to share God’s love with one another. Karis says that it is hard to leave her family, but it is so encouraging to see what other people give up daily to serve God. 
It has rained every day since we have been here, however, it only rains for about ten minutes. The kids love when it rains. It gives them a small break from the work and it cools things down as well. For the most part it is usually sunny and blue skies! It’s really nice that we have such a great view of the mountains from our work site. We have a prayer room that is two stories high in a building and we have a team member go up every hour and pray for the team for an hour, and the view of the mountains is so beautiful up there! The kids love going up there and talking to God for an hour. They always come back so refreshed! 
Hannah E. has been reading more in her devotion time about being content in every situation. We are faced with some difficult things and hard work, but she is more and more willing to face them with Christ by her side more and more everyday! 
Keep praying for us to grow spiritually and grow closer to God! Pray that our personal devotion time will be an encouragement to us all, and that group devotions will bring us closer to God and to each other!


  1. Praise the Lord, I love hearing about the Prayer Room! We all need that. Can’t wait to have them back but know that God is working BIG in everyone’s life. Yes we will keep praying.

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