An Update From Uganda!

Uganda 7:23#2The Uganda team is hard at work! Steel-tying has been our focus the past few days on the worksite. We work full days on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday we have a half day of evangelism which includes sharing at primary schools, secondary schools, soccer tournaments and multiple Sunday school locations. So far, all the ministry has been within walking distance. Tuesday we walked to three different schools. The team was exhausted that night.


It has been really good for this team to get into a routine schedule. During every free moment (usually after meal times), the team LOVES to play soccer with the students, pet the rabbits, hold the baby chicks, or just relax and write letters home.

Breanna – Hey Mom and Dad! I love you and miss you. Thank you everyone for all the prayers and letters. I am really enjoying my time here in Uganda! When we did MSSM, we went to three schools and sang, did puppets and shared the Gospel with them. The kids are very interested in my camera, they love being in pictures and taking them. The construction work projects are difficult and frustrating. We have to cut grass with metal things that are like long, flat, dull machetes. I am growing closer to God, depending on Him daily for strength to keep working and protection from the large bugs and rats that infest our rooms!:) Africa is amazing and I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in the next two weeks! I miss and love you all! (Leaders note: when we turn on the lights to go upstairs to the rooms we usually see a rat running across the floor each night. There are a couple of rats in the house. One night there was a large black beetle about the size of a walnut that was flying around in one of the rooms. We scooped it up and threw it back outside so everyone could settle down and go to sleep.) 

Katie R.- I love it so much here in Uganda! We all are having such a good time! This week, we have been doing a lot of work on our project, which is going along really well. We also did three Sunday Schools at different schools on Tuesday, which was really awesome. The kids and people here are so beautiful and so kind. I love and miss you so much!

Nic – It’s been interesting here, playing soccer and having fun with kids. It’s really different!

Bo – Been working on steel tying for the building, played soccer with the kids on Saturday, MSSM Sunday school on Saturday, EV day on Tuesday, Katie gave evening devotions, trying new foods, didn’t lose my hard hat or gloves at Boot Camp, no personal SBs so far, had coffee in a sock because there are no coffee filters here, loving Uganda, reminds me of home.

Mitchell – It’s been amazing here. The weather is perfect and I have had so many chances to share the Gospel. it’s been wonderful. For example, on Tuesday we went to the MSSM Sunday schools. The experience has been life-changing.

Andrew – The first week of work has been tough. I’ve had to straighten out rebar, which is harder than it sounds, and I’ve also done steel-tying. The team is becoming a much closer team. I love everyone on it. The weather here is great. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me next.

Shelby – Hey Mom and Dad! Well this place works miracles in the lives of so many people. Our team is growing stronger and stronger in Christ every day. Hearts are changing here and more people are accepting God. We went to schools and sang for the kids and shared Bible stories. In total that day I prayed 57 kids into Christianity individually! God works in marvelous ways!

Scott – It has been fun in Uganda getting to minister to the kids and play soccer.

Sarah W. – Uganda is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. The people are so friendly and I love the kids! The work project is going really well and I’m really happy we are helping everyone on the base. EV has been so much fun showing and telling all the kids about God and His love for them. I cannot explain how amazing and wonderful the kids are. They are so good at soccer, and they always want to hold your hand. I love you and miss you guys. Happy Birthday, Kate! XOXOXOUganda 7:23#1 Uganda 7:23 #4 Uganda 7:23 #3


  1. Jen and Scott Sticksel–I don’t think you are on Facebook, but one of the parents was at the TMI Uganda base today and took lots of pictures and videos of the team members. There is a sweet video of Shelby that I’m sure you’d love to see plus pictures! If either of you have FB, please find us by searching for Teen Missions Int’l Uganda Orphan Soccer. It’s a private group, and we’d love to have you! (Sarah W.’s Mom)

  2. What an awesome posting! It’s so fun to see the pictures and to hear the statements from the team members! It must be incredible to see what God is doing through this great team. Thank you for sharing.
    Jen and Scott

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