Greetings From Taliya-Village (Malawi II)!

Malawi 7:23 #2We are now down about 70 feet! The cuttings from the borehole are showing more sand… Some black “pepper” looking sand which is a strong evidence of water.  Team Malawi has worked hard in the dust, mud and muck… No complaining, just eager to see God answer our prayers for a fresh water well for this village.  Lexi is on the rig at the moment, Anna and Behany are managing the mud pits, Sonya is minding the mud pump intake. Kwaku, Mariel and May are preping the casing pipe and Blake is on shift in our “prayer closet”.  Hosanna just added polymer to the drilling fluid… Agape and Leann are on KP today helping the lady leaders in our field kitchen.  Abigail and Jon have been doing a great job as leaders and are a huge blessing.

The team has seen a huge response from the Yao language Bible stories on the Saber and accompanying picture flip charts.  All the kids cheered when we produced a soccer ball to play with and the team has enjoyed the circle games.  Last night we were able to show the Yao language version on the Jesus film and Austin gave the closing. Many people sat listening intently. How awesome to see many hearing the gospel for possibly the first time!

We are all healthy none sick to date praise the Lord….  Now a word from the members…..

Hi family and friends… Even though I miss you a lot, Malawi is very beautiful and so are the people. As soon as we left the airport, we got to go to the Chipoka base where we met our missionaries and Malawi team 1 where we heard their stories and asked questions… After that we drove to Talyia village on the south where we set up camp and started work. The first days were tough when the pump went down…   Unfortunately I was not able to do much EV in the first days but when I did get the chance, it went amazingly well. We used mostly flip charts, the wordless book, balloon animals, and circle games to spread the gospel. While we were under the mango tree away from the drill site noise, not only did I get the chance to teach the villagers and get to know them but also have been able to learn a lot about the Bible and myself through Bible study, devotions and GG classes (for girls). Last night we showed them the JESUS film. There had been much prayer leading up to this night as we knew that there was a big possibility it would not work. This amongst other things has shown me how important it is to trust God and He will provide for you. I hope you guys are all having a good summer, talk to you soon! -Mariel Roehr

Hey everyone!  Just letting you all know we’re all doing really well and all your prayers have been so greatly appreciated. We’ve only been here a week but yet have seen so many works of God demonstrating his abundant love and power. Upon arrival, it was indescribable seeing the many warm welcomes of the Malawian people. Everyone waved and smiled as the truck rolled down the road. Although I enjoy working on the rig, my favorite part is evangelism with the children and the adults who gather. As we get to share the good news of Christ, the people listen hungrily seeking to know the truth. There are many amazing opportunities and moments we’ve all enjoyed greatly but the greatest has been being able to share my testimony with the Malawian church which we drove to on Sunday. I spoke through a translator because few spoke English. I’d love to share more when I get home.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers, praying for the hearts of the Malawian people and the strength and safety of our team. I love you all and miss you tons… See you soon! -Bethany PattonMalawi 7:23 #1


  1. It is so wonderful reading the updates! It is so exciting to here about how you all are seeking God through your devotions, bible study and prayer time and living out your love for God by spreading the Gospel of Christ to others in another land. Back on the home front it is VBS week at Grace EP Church and next week is the Atlantic City New Jersey mission trip. I’m so thankful for all of you who have been willing to not only serve back here but also to have such great desires to go through intense training and share Christ in the remotest parts of the earth. I’m praying Colossians 1:9-14 for you all.

  2. Greeting from California to Lexi and the whole Malawi team. I prayed for you guys again tonight, and it is great to hear how both the drilling and the evangelism is going. It sounds like Malawi is having a great impact on you. Keep enjoying serving and sharing God’s love.

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