Hello From The N. Ireland Team!

N. Ireland 7:23 #1Greetings from the whole Northern Ireland team!  

We’ve definitely had no difficulty staying busy this week with Bible school in the morning and Summer Schemes in the afternoon. The team is enjoying a lot of interaction with the children of Belfast!  Every day at lunch we’ve had a few ‘extras’ (three boys from the morning program) who pack their lunch and eat with us.  They’re quite entertaining! 

It’s been cool this week with overcast skies and some rain.  The sun will be shining brightly in the morning and then all of a sudden is gets breezy and cold.  Today there is a ‘wee nip’ in the air so many of the team are wearing new hoodies they were able to find in downtown Belfast.

The team has been having a great time this week with the kids in this area. Kristina, Abby, and Brianna have been helping with registration and Jodi has been teaching the Bible verse each day with the help of other members and children. David is a greeter, Rachel and Kayla have been assigned refreshments, Seruaya has been helping with the singing, and Adam, Josh, Audrey, Kaitlyn, Meg, Gloria, Hannah G and Hannah S mingle and help out all over! On Monday during Bible school, David told the story of ‘David and Goliath’ and we discovered that he definitely has the gift of storytelling!  The kids listened with great attention! During the afternoon our time was filled with playing football (soccer), fooseball, air hockey, and a giant Connect Four game with the kids.  Tuesday found Meg telling the story of ‘Noah’ and she did a wonderful job as well! (John, our missionary, asked us to pick a theme for the week and the team chose ‘Heroes of the Bible’.)  That afternoon was craft day, so the team helped the children make bracelets, lanyards, and various other crafts.  They also spent some time coloring with the kids and enjoyed it so much they brought it back to the hall next door where we gather (we call it the family room) and continued coloring for awhile!  Wednesday’s story was about ‘Esther’ and Gloria told the story with great enthusiasm. For Schemes, the young kids went to an adventure (play land) park called “Indianaland” (named for Indiana Jones!) and spent time there.  We picked up a few things that the team needed and had a bit of a quieter afternoon since there were not enough vehicles to transport us all.  Today (Thursday) found us rising early, eating, doing devotions, getting showers and hurrying back for the 10 a.m. start time for Bible school.  After Bible school and Schemes this afternoon, we have a 7 p.m. service at Island Street City Mission here in another part of Belfast. Keep praying for us as we share Jesus and minister in different Missions and to individuals we meet! Your kids send their love!

A word from your kids!

 Audrey M- Hey, Everybody!  I miss you all so so so much!  Northern Ireland is beyond beautiful!  It’s the most beautiful country I’ve ever been to!  My team is great.  I am so glad God brought me on this team -this summer.  The activities we’ve been doing with the kids have been an awesome experience! They are all sooo cute!  It’s so different here in N. Ireland than in America.  People drive their cars on the left side of the road instead of the right.  Also, the steering wheel is on the passenger sie.  It’s so awesome, but I’m not really used to it.  Hopefully, I will move here in the future and go to Belfast Bible School.  The Lord has really been helping me in the hard times that I’ve had here.  I hope you all are doing well. Xoxo

Hannah G – Hey, Everyone! We made it to N. Ireland and it’s amazing here!! We have done a few performances and they have gone so well.  So well, actually, that we have had other people ask us to come o their church to perform.  We even made it in the local newspaper which is awesome. Mom and Dad, I am doing well and I got your letters yesterday.  I miss you lots and can’t wait to see you!  God has helped me overcome my fear of performing in front of a crowd.  Our team is getting along great.  This week is Summer Schemes and the kids are so fun o work with, and the missionary, John is a genius.  He comes up with the best crafts.  So fun! Please pray for us as we have a performance tonight.  Pray that it will go amazing and we will reach the hearts of the people we are performing for. Love Ya’ll!  

Rachel F – So we’re finally here in Northern Ireland!  It’s so weird seeing the green, rolling hills, the UK flag flying from every doorstep, and the people driving ‘on the wrong side’ of the road.  We are now on our second week here and we’ve already done 2 presentations with the third one planned for tonight.  We’ve also finished three days of Bible school and Summer Schemes.  The theme of Bible school is Heroes of the Bible with stories of Noah, David and Goliath, Esther, Daniel, and Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego.  Hanging out with the kids is so fun and they seem to be learning a lot.  There is a little boy, MJay, who eats lunch with us every day.  He is pretty adorable and knows all the songs that we do during Bible club.  He screams the words as loud as he can.  Last Saturday we went to the Belfast City Hall and got a tour, and in the afternoon we went to the Ulster Folk Museum.  It was a pretty great day!  I can’t wait for these next two weeks!

Hannah S – Here in N. Ireland it is very different!  I’m still getting used to the crazy driving and the money change to pounds. Sleeping in the church at Mountpottinger (that Karis and John and Johnston blessed us with) is a lot better than the cold/ hot feeling in the tents.  The weather change is fabulous!  We’ve now been working on Summer Scheme, when kids come and learn about the Bible while having fun.  The kids are very cute and I’m SO happy that I’m here. I love you, Mom and Dad.

(From the leader, Lori, for Mr. and Mrs. Smith…we will have a cake tomorrow for Hannah’s birthday Jand I think maybe some of the team members picked her up a little something.)


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