Hello From The Vanuatu Team!

11694748_10153003192218457_7113597536276802947_nVanuatu continues to be an exciting place for us! We have started our project and have already layed three course of blocks. We are waiting for the rain to stop so we can get more cement and supplies up the mountain. The 30 minute walk to and from the project continues to be a challenge, but it is definitely easier to come down! We hope to pour the porch and floor in the next few days. KP fixes lunch (usually sandwiches) at the home base, then they walk up the mountain to take the team lunch (with a leader of course!). We are all going to be in great shape after this summer!
We are going to share at the Independence Day festival tonight at about 8:30. They have asked us to share for the children’s day tomorrow and for the Sunday service. There will be hundreds of people there! Pray for a good time of presentations and witnessing. We finally received the bags off the plane and the ones off the boat (except one)! That gives us more variety of foods as there is very little to purchase on the island, besides sweet potatoes and greens. A lot of crops were damaged in the cyclone. We are doing well. We spent one afternoon going to the waterfalls, near where we are staying. It was beautiful and a refreshing time of swimming in the whirlpool. 
Thank you for your prayers. We have all stayed pretty healthy. A few tired and sore feet after the long walks, but doing well.
Until the next time we can find internet!…Greetings to all from the Vanuatu team!


  1. It is so good to hear up-dates. Sounds like a beautiful place. We will continue to pray for good health and protection for all.
    God is using you for his glory.
    Jessica and Brandon are doing well. They are a big help to us. Hay, sweet corn, mowing, digging a ditch, along with white water rafting, going to the fair and others things for fun.

    Blessings to all,

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